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Jemima Kirke Says She Will Protect Her Daughter From Mean Comments And People On Social Media

The actress Jemima Kirke, who gained further attention with her role in HBO’s series ‘Girls,’ took to Instagram to announce that she started a war against people who meanly commented on her daughter.

A few days ago, Kirke posted a photo of her daughter, however, she faced feedback she had not expected to receive, thus, the actress removed the said photo. Whereupon, on 12 September, she uploaded a black & white photo of herself, and wrote:

“I took down a picture of my daughter and her long beautiful hair. She had no top on but her hair was covering the taboo areas. I didn’t take it down because it felt inappropriate or because I felt it made her vulnerable in any way.”

The mother of two, added that she would not allow people to judge her daughter:

“I took it down to take away space for any ludicrous comments on her body. My daughter’s body is not a battleground. Not now. Not yet. Judge me all you want but when you use my daughter as a platform for your judgments and oppressive belief systems, it becomes my job to protect her from you.”

Following the post, numerous Instagram users flooded the comments section with positive messages. Here are some of them:

“There’s some societal sickness we need to check. In the meantime, we have no choice but to protect our babies ❤️” wrote, Maria Herreros.

“It was a beautiful picture and nothing wrong with it and you’re a beautiful mama !!! 🌹” said, singer Soko The Cat.

“It was a gorgeous photo of your daughter 💕” added, Russian Red.

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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