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Jenna Ortega Will Make Horror Fans Happy With ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Update

The upcoming season of ‘Wednesday’ will have more horror elements, Jenna Ortega says.

Last year, Netflix gave the green light for a second season of ‘Wednesday,’ and fans are eager to see what’s next. At the 75th Annual Emmy Awards, Jenna Ortega shared some details about the upcoming episodes, hinting at more horror and darker tones.

On the red carpet, the lead actress told an E! reporter:

“We’re definitely leaning into a little bit more horror. It’s really, really exciting because, all throughout the show, while Wednesday does need a little bit of an arc, she never really changes, and that’s the wonderful thing about her.”

Her words continued:

“There’s really, really good one-liners, and I think everything’s bigger. It’s a lot more action-packed. Each episode will probably feel a little bit more like a movie, which is nice.”

She’s Got A Bigger Part In The Show’s Upcoming Episodes

Production for Season 2 is set to begin in a few months in Ireland. Ortega is playing a bigger role in shaping the series this time, being actively involved in discussions about the writing and direction of the show. Reflecting on her involvement a few months ago, the actress shared:

“We had already been throwing out so many ideas, and I’m somebody who’s very hands-on. I want to know what’s going on. And with a character like Wednesday, who is so beloved and such a legend, I just really didn’t want to get her wrong. So, I try to have as many conversations as possible. On set, with the writers and Tim [Burton], we all would get together and decide, ‘Okay, what works and what doesn’t?’ It was naturally already very collaborative.”

She added:

“So, in preparation for a second season, we wanted to get ahead of the curve and make sure that we could start the conversations earlier … And I’m just so curious. I want to see the outfits, new characters that are coming in, scripts, and they were gracious enough to let me put the producer hat on.”

While the exact release date for Season 2 is still unknown, there are rumors that Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwendoline Christie, and Emma Myers might return alongside Ortega.



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