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Jodie Whittaker Credits ‘Doctor Who’ For Changing Her Career

She compares her experience on ‘Doctor Who’ with her latest role in the drama series ‘Time.’

Jodie Whittaker was the first woman to play the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who.’ In a recent interview with The New York Post, she shared how the role has shaped her career.

While talking about her new TV show ‘Time,’ Whittaker compared her experiences with both series:

“Doctor Who’ is a funny one for me. It was absolute happiness and joy, but I also know it’s the thing that’s most associated with my career. People said, ‘Time’ is a jump from that’ when in fact ‘Doctor Who’ was the jump. Until the three seasons of ‘Doctor Who,’ I’d always either gravitated toward or looked to audition and get roles of women living in traumatic relationships or on the brink of something.”

Whittaker played the Doctor for three seasons until 2022. She then made way for David Tennant’s brief return. Ncuti Gatwa will be the new Doctor starting this May.

Whittaker Says She’s a Big Fan of the Show

Whittaker is thrilled about what’s next for ‘Doctor Who.’ She’s a huge fan herself and is excited to see the show with Tennant’s comeback and Gatwa’s debut. Last year, she said that she doesn’t know any secrets about the show’s future:

“It’s the first time since I’ve been a part of the ‘Doctor Who’ universe that I don’t know what’s about to happen. So I don’t know anything, and I have zero spoilers — I’m definitely not in it, and there’s no way of me giving anything away. There’s no pressure; I can’t ruin it. I am so excited, and I’m just immensely jealous.”

Whittaker will star in the BritBox series ‘Time.’ It’s a drama that looks at the lives of three women in a British prison. Whittaker plays Orla, a single mom who ends up in jail for stealing electricity. As it appears, ‘Doctor Who’ helped her grow and take on new projects like ‘Time.’

You can watch the trailer for ‘The Time’ below.



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