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Joy Sunday Explains Her Plans To End Bianca’s War With Wednesday

Sunday looks forward to showing a softer side of her character Bianca in the show’s second season.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joy Sunday revealed her plans for her character, Bianca Barclay, especially her relationship with Wednesday Addams.

Sunday, who recently became Lancôme’s latest global brand ambassador, shared her insights with EW. She spoke of Bianca’s growth and revealed she anticipates a natural progression from rivalry to friendship:

“I think it’s so natural for her and Wednesday to have a little bit of competition. I’m really excited to see their friendship bloom alongside that. [I’m looking forward to seeing how] these two really powerful and resolute characters [end up growing into] beautiful young women.”

She then added that she believes these strong characters can grow and support each other despite their different paths:

“Despite the fact that we’re both trying on our different trajectories, we can still recognize the beauty and the love that we share, however disguised. I certainly appreciate being able to support my friends however far they go, however high they reach for the stars.”

What We Know About ‘Wednesday’ Season 2

In the first season of the show, viewers saw the tense yet dynamic interactions between Bianca and Wednesday at Nevermore Academy. With season two on the horizon, Sunday expressed her desire to explore Bianca’s persona deeply to show a side of her that’s more open and genuine.

This contrasts with Bianca’s dominant presence in season one, where her rivalry with Wednesday, especially in their fencing match, was a central theme.

Later in the interview, Sunday hinted at a potential reconciliation between Bianca and her critical mother, Gabrielle (Grace Goldman). However, she playfully warned Ortega of a potential fencing rematch, simply stating, ‘En garde.’

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar expressed their vision for multiple seasons for ‘Wednesday.’ They hinted at expanding upon Wednesday’s friendships and her relationship with her mother, Morticia, in the upcoming season. Filming for the second season commenced in December 2022 following Amazon’s acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Ortega now also serves as producer in the second season of the show. In addition to her role in ‘Wednesday,’ Joy Sunday has two upcoming projects: ‘You’ll Never See It Coming‘ and ‘Under the Influencer.


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