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Kathryn Newton Admits Having Second Thoughts About Challenging Tom Holland

While speaking of her role as Cassie Lang in 2023’s ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania,’ the actress invited Tom Holland to a match, but now she has some regrets.

To discuss her role in the upcoming ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ film, Kathryn Newton recently appeared on a new episode of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and recalled challenging Tom Holland last year.

When Fallon pointed out how she claimed to possibly be the best golfer in the MCU during her last appearance, she said:

“It’s true. I did say that. I was having a great day. [Laughs] I was feeling confident. I was feeling good. It was my birthday again. Another movie birthday.”

The Actress’ Regret About Her Challenge

Newton even challenged the Spider-Man actor, who also plays golf, to a game, but she isn’t happy with the way she did it:

“[The challenge is] still open. Maybe I could’ve been a little cooler, like less competitive. Maybe just more like, ‘Maybe we could play sometime. I’m looking for friends who play golf that are pretty good.’ I hear he’s a great golfer.”

Upon the suggestion of playing as teammates rather than competitors, the actress agreed:

“Yeah. We’ll play from the same tees. Level it out. You know.”

The Two Actors’ Dedication To Golf

Kathryn Newton has competed in golf tournaments since she was eight years old and was on track for the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier in 2012. Similarly, Tom Holland’s passion for golf is well-recorded, with the actor even hitting the links in his Spider-Man suit.

So, when IMDB wanted her to compare her skills to those of her ‘Ant-Man’ co-stars, the actress shared:

“Definitely the best golfer in the cast. Absolutely. I might be the best golfer in the MCU. I’m talking to you, Tom Holland. I hear he’s a very good golfer, so I say that lightly and humbly, but I’m pretty good, so we’ll have to see.”

The Similarities Between Newton And Holland

The two young MCU heroes have much more in common than their love for golfing, though. Newton once revealed that the Ant-Man actor, Paul Rudd, likened her to Holland, noting both actors’ tendencies to leak spoilers.

Still, the Cassie Lang actress disagreed with this view, saying she didn’t ‘really talk about anything like a spoiler; it just comes out, I guess.’



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