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Katy Keene’s Lucy Hale To Marvel And DC: ‘Put Me In Spandex’

She’s interested in action roles and wants to wear a superhero outfit in her next film.

Lucy Hale is setting her sights on the world of superhero cinema. The actress, who has already brought a comic book character to life on the small screen, recently told about her eagerness for a role in either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a DC Studios project.

During the conversation, Hale revealed her ambition to star in a big-budget superhero film, saying:

“I’m dying to do a movie like that. I definitely think that is something … ‘Katy Keene’ was just a tiny touch of it because that was more like a fairytale version of New York City, which was fun. No, put me in spandex. Let’s do some combat classes. Like, I’m ready. I’m ready to go. I definitely think that is a space that I’m very interested in, and I think it flexes different [muscles] … It seems like a really big challenge. So I’m open.”

So, despite her role as Katy Keene, Hale feels ready for a more action-oriented, physically demanding character in a major franchise.

What Are Hale’s Upcoming Projects?

Hale stars in the romantic comedy ‘Which Brings Me to You,‘ which debuts in theaters today. In this film, she plays Jane, a freelance journalist, opposite Nat Wolff’s character, Will, a photographer. The story unfolds over 24 hours while exploring their romantic and sexual histories in a series of heartwarming and humorous encounters.

Looking ahead, Hale has several projects in the pipeline, including ‘Mort in Sherman Oaks,’ ‘F*** Marry Kill,’ and ‘The Answers.’ Meanwhile, fans on MyCast, a platform for fan casting, have been envisioning her in various superhero roles, suggesting her for characters like Jennifer Kale, Kitty Pryde, Huntress, Alex Danvers, and even Black Widow.



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