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Ke Huy Quan Explains Why He Felt ‘Intimidated’ By Joining ‘Loki’

Joining the cast of an already-established and loved series was a nerve-cracking experience for Ke Huy Quan when he was hired for a role in ‘Loki’ Season 2.

‘Loki’ Season 2 introduced a new character to its cast, with actor Ke Huy Quan stepping into the role of Ouroboros, or O.B. Recently, Quan opened up about his initial feelings upon joining the established team of characters. In a chat with, he explained:

“This is Season 2, so they’ve done this before with the same team. When I first got on, I was a bit intimidated because I’m a newcomer, and I didn’t know what that would be like because they already have that camaraderie going on.”

The actor quickly found comfort thanks to the warm welcome from his fellow cast members, especially lead actor and executive producer Tom Hiddleston, as he said:

“But when I got on set for the very first day, Tom and Owen [Wilson] and everybody welcomed me with wide open arms, and immediately, I felt loved and cared for, especially from Tom. You know, being the leader of the team, being the executive producer, he was constantly very, very cognitive of how I was feeling.”

He Was Happy To Be A Part Of The MCU

Quan also mentioned the support of the creative team behind ‘Loki,’ including producer Kevin Wright and head writer Eric Martin, who helped him understand his character better.

The 52-year-old, who had stopped his acting career in the early 2000s, marked his return to television with this role. As a fan of Marvel, he felt overjoyed to receive the offer from Marvel Studios:

“When I got that call, that was incredible. In fact, I got even emotional. I was driving at that time when I got the call. I picked it up, and I hear, ‘Hi, Ke. This is Kevin Feige.’ He told me how much he loved ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ and my performance, and when he asked me, ‘Ke, I want you to join the family,’ I had to say, ‘Kevin, can you give me two seconds?'”

About his reaction, the actor shared:

“Because I couldn’t see the road, my eyes started tearing up. I pulled over, parked the car, and I said, ‘Kevin, can you please say that again? Can you please ask me that again?’ That was a moment that I’ll always remember.”

Quan’s character played one of the key roles in Loki’s story as the show concluded its Season 2 on November 9, 2023.



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