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Kevin Smith Announces He Found A Buried Treasure For The Indie Film History

Filmmaker Kevin Smith took to his Instagram the other day to make a huge announcement regarding a real treasure for indie film history.

Smith revealed that he encountered a piece of old files from the days when he had directed the independent black and white film ‘Clerks‘, and he described them as fortune.

The well-known director first posted a photo of the original handwritten register sign from the said film that says “If you plan to shoplift, please let us know. Thanks.” Then he mentioned another treasure; a paper that reveals their production schedule for April 2nd, 1993. He clarified the photos:

“We started with the free @gatorade scene with Sanford that night (“…you shoe-polish-smelling motherfu**er!”), followed by the scene with the Old Man who asks to use the bathroom (“I see you sell the soft stuff back there.”), wrapping with the scene in which Dante finds out he’s stuck at work (“Vermont?”). I don’t remember typing the schedule but I definitely remember writing this sign.”

Later Smith, who rose to fame with the abovementioned comedy movie he wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in, recalled how he had created the sign that became a signature for the movie:

“I remember I fu**ed up the I and the F in IF and had to go over them a few times to hide the mistake (that’s why those letters are thicker and darker). I remember taking the sign down every morning before @quickstopgroceries would open and then re-hanging it every night as soon as we locked the store door and started shooting.”

Stating he just got a piece of his soul back from 1993 with the treasure he had found, Smith concluded his message as follows:

The kid who wrote this sign got me where I am today – the least I can do in return is memorialize his moon-shot journey and the souvenirs he left behind.”

American actor and producer Brian O’Halloran, who portrayed the main character named ‘Dante Hicks‘ in ‘Clerks’  was quick to jump into the comment section. O’Halloran wrote:

“How many nights I sat behind that counter with that sign on the register…. So many reproductions I’ve seen on people’s posts from their places of employment… What a fantastic find!

Here is Smith’s mentioned post.

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