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Kristen Bell Shows Off Her Daughters’ Adorable Letters They Wrote Each Other To Apologize

After his husband, Dax Shaperd, released a photo of herself seeing her without clothes in honor of “Mother’s Day,” well-known actor Kristen Bell went to her verified Instagram account to express that she is grateful to have two amazing daughters.

On May 12, the actor, who garnered high praises for her performance in the comedy-fantasy series ‘The Good Place,’ shared a photo that shows two letters bearing tens of “I Love You.” Along with the photo, Bell revealed in the caption section that her girls fight with each other a lot; fortunately, they know how to make peace.

By clarifying the photo, the mother-of-two, who prefers taking her children away from social media by covering their faces in the photos, wrote the following message:

“They can’t seem to feel like they are on the same team. Always competing. Always defensive. Maybe it’s because they are close in age, and the hierarchy of care isn’t clear. Maybe it’s because they are both little alphas. Who knows. But they can get nasty to each other.”

The star continued her message by saying that she explained to them that we have a choice in life and that conversation changed their relationship to the better. In her own words:

“We can spend our time on hate and fear (revenge, grudges, gossip, etc) or we can spend our time on love and kindness(nurturing, smiling, showing thankfulness). A few hours later I found them at the table writing each other letters with effusive love language. ‘Look mama, how we are choosing to spend our time!’.”

Bell concluded her words by stating that she knows her daughters would keep fighting and would “scream swears at each other again tomorrow.

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