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Leland Francis And Griffin Arthur Fraser: The Challenging Life Of Brendon Fraser’s Sons

Brendan and Afton Smith’s marriage, though it ended in divorce in April 2008, began back in 1993 and led to the birth of three sons. Despite their parents’ careers in the entertainment industry, the Fraser sons have followed their own paths. Let’s learn more about Leland Francis and Griffin Arthur Fraser, the youngest and the eldest sons of the family.

Known for his roles in ‘The Mummy’ series and his recent acclaimed performance in ‘The Whale,’ Fraser is a father of three in his life off-screen. Today, we’re focusing on the lives of Leland Francis and Griffin Arthur Fraser and the challenges they faced.

Who is Griffin Arthur Fraser?

Born to Fraser and his ex-wife Afton Smith, Griffin Arthur Fraser arrived into the world on September 17, 2002. Early childhood for Griffin was marked by a challenge that would shape his and his family’s life: an autism spectrum diagnosis. This diagnosis came after early signs of verbal delay and brought a set of challenges that both Griffin and his family had to face.

In previous interviews, Fraser discussed the impact of Griffin’s diagnosis on the family. During his Inaugural GIFF Inspiration Talk in May, he said:

“[Griffin] got a diagnosis, and we were thunderstruck, as I imagine many of you in the audience here can comprehend or understand because of the surprise that came with not knowing what to do. No matter which medical text or source you consult, it’s like trying to get a straight answer out of a leprechaun. The answer is for reasons unknown.

What that let me know and what let his mom know too is that there are so many people who are there to help, and it’s up to us, their parents, their families, their loved ones, to just have the courage to ask for it. And we can all do this together.”

Griffin, now 21, is described by his father as the epitome of happiness, untouched by cynicism and irony:

“Because of the beauty of his spectrum — call it a disorder if you will, I disagree with you — he knows nothing of irony. He doesn’t know what cynicism is. You can’t insult him. He can’t insult you. He’s the happiest person and is, in my life and many others’, also the manifestation of love.”

What is Leland Francis Up To?

Leland Francis Fraser, the youngest of the Fraser family, was born on May 2, 2006. His childhood was kept private from the public. Leland expressed openness to the idea of acting but preferred to focus on music and modeling. At 17, he wants to carve his own path rather than follow in his father’s footsteps. He is now signed with the Marilyn Agency in New York.

Besides, Leland is also a member of The Alligators, a band with tracks available on Spotify. He plays guitar and sings with influences from Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath. Leland is not interested in traditional schooling or a music degree.

On Instagram, he has an audience of over 35 thousand followers, and he shares snapshots of his modeling projects and musical talents with them. He also went viral on TikTok for his resemblance to actress Sadie Sink.

Brendan Fraser on Being a Father

Brendan Fraser has been open about his parenthood experience. He and his ex-wife Afton Smith separated in December 2007, but they co-parent their three sons, including middle child Holden Fletcher Fraser. Speaking to Parade in 2010, the actor said the following about his kids:

“I always hug and kiss them whether they like it or not. I’m like, ‘Come here, you,’ and you blow raspberries on them. That’s what I do. I’d throw myself in front of a train if I had to for their well-being. That doesn’t mean you can protect them from everything, but you have to try.”

The Fraser brothers have stood by their father through various public appearances, most notably during the Oscars ceremony in March 2023, where Fraser received the Best Actor award. While Griffin was absent from the event, his spirit was very much present in his father’s heartfelt mention during the acceptance speech.

You can watch Fraser’s speech below.



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