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Linda Hamilton Says She Saw ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Only Once And Didn’t Love It

The actress talks about her last appearance in the ‘Terminator’ franchise.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ came out in November 2019 and was generally well-received by critics for being an improvement from the previous installments. Linda Hamilton herself wasn’t fond of the film, though.

Hamilton recently told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I don’t do a lot of regret. I think in the end, it holds true that we regret what we didn’t do, not what we did. I’m very glad I went back. I loved [director Tim Miller], I love my ladies [Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes], and while I can’t say I love the film, that’s because I was so attached to it. I only saw it once. I felt like it was too fast.”

She also explained the film’s physical toll on her:

“But we did so much good work, and it was the greatest time of my life, and the worst time of my life, all rolled into one film. I was 63 or whatever I was, and it was the hardest shoot. Every day it was like a triathlon: ‘Now we’re going to swim for two hours and then we’re going to run for two hours.’ I read 40 books on that show. That’s all I could do, lie down and read, send my mind somewhere else and rest my body.”

Sarah Connor Is Not Coming Back

‘Dark Fate’ grossed $261.1 million worldwide but ended up losing $122.6 million. Fox scrapped plans for future films in the franchise following these results. But James Cameron hinted at another sequel last year.

Cameron mentioned at a Dell Tech World conference that he wanted to see ‘how AI shakes out before he goes any further’ with the script. Meanwhile, Hamilton has no desire to appear in it.

THR asked the actress:

“What’s likelier, you returning as Sarah Connor, or AI writing the next ‘Terminator’ movie?”

She replied:

“AI writing the next ‘Terminator’ movie. And they kill me off before we start. That’s the best scenario.”

Check out Linda Hamilton’s interview here.



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