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‘Loki’ Actor Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Violence Case Has A New Development

Majors won’t learn his sentence now as the court has postponed it.

According to latest reports by Deadline, Jonathan Majors’ sentencing has been delayed.

The actor, previously set to be sentenced on February 6, 2024, found the court proceedings postponed due to new motions filed by his lawyer, Priya Chowdhury.

In December, Majors was convicted of reckless assault and harassment charges after accusations made by Grace Jabbari. Despite the conviction, Majors and his legal team consistently professed his innocence and are preparing to appeal the verdict.

His legal team argued that the jury did not believe Jabbari’s story of intentional harm but found Majors reckless while being attacked by her. The range of potential sentences includes probation up to a year in jail since the case is a misdemeanor and Majors is a first-time offender.

Majors’ Career Was Negatively Affected

The case had repercussions beyond the courtroom. Following the guilty verdict, Marvel Studios cut ties with Majors. This affects his future as Kang the Conqueror. His participation in the film ‘Magazine Dreams’ is also uncertain until a company decides to release it.

There have been some speculation about who might replace Majors as Kang, with John David Washington and Colman Domingo emerging as potential candidates.

His Public Statements Were Regretful

Majors gave his first televised interview since his conviction for ABC. Expressing regret over certain actions and discussing his personal history with relationships, Majors said he would want to have handled the situation differently:

“I wouldn’t have picked her up. I wouldn’t have picked her up. I wouldn’t have put her back in the car. I wouldn’t have tried to keep her in the car. I would have gotten out of the car and ran immediately. I’ve witnessed [assault] but never participated. I’ve been smacked up before never exercised it. … I’ve had very few relationships, so I can gather what situations we’re talking about. I was not the best boyfriend all the time. [I’ve] never hit a woman. I’ve never put my hands, struck a woman, ever.”

Despite the serious nature of the allegations and the ongoing legal process, Majors remained positive. As per TMZ, he has been focusing on faith and support from loved ones. As the case progresses, Majors’ legal team is focused on appealing the conviction and aiming to clear his name.



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