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Louise Jameson Would Be ‘Back In A Nanosecond’ To ‘Doctor Who’

She hopes the show’s makers will let her return.

During a British Film Institute screening event celebrating the upcoming home release of ‘Doctor Who – The Collection,’ Louise Jameson expressed her eagerness to return to ‘Doctor Who’ whenever possible.

Jameson’s character, Leela, first appeared alongside Tom Baker’s Doctor in 1977. When asked about the possibility of reprising her role under the direction of returning showrunner Russell T Davies, without hesitation, she shared her enthusiasm for a potential comeback. As per RadioTimes, the actress said:

“Let’s see… I’d absolutely love to do one. I’d be back in a nanosecond. Can you just tell Russell [T Davies, Doctor Who showrunner]? Can somebody ask him to watch it [Leela vs the Time War]?”

Can Jameson Return to the Franchise If Possible?

Jameson’s character, Leela, was last seen in the series in 1978 as a warrior of the Sevateem who ends her journey with the Doctor on Gallifrey. Despite the years, the character’s fate remained a subject of speculation, especially concerning the Time War, an important event in the ‘Doctor Who’ lore that has been explored through various media formats.

It was somewhat clarified with the release of ‘The Collection’ announcement trailer, where Leela is shown surviving the Time War. This hinted at possible future storylines and also positioned Leela as a candidate for return in future ‘Doctor Who’ seasons.

However, Jameson’s current commitment to the long-running British soap opera ‘Emmerdale‘ presents a scheduling conflict with her potential return to the TARDIS. Since joining ‘Emmerdale’ in 2022, Jameson’s role has become an important part of the show. So, any return to ‘Doctor Who’ would need careful planning.

‘Doctor Who’s next season will premiere in May 2024, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ internationally.

You can watch the trailer for ‘The Collection’ below.



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