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Mads Mikkelsen Recalls Harrison Ford’s Nazi Joke On The Set Of ‘Dial Of Destiny’

On the movie set of ‘Dial of Destiny,’ Ford played a prank that made everyone look at Mikkelsen.

In a recent interview by Business Insider, Mads Mikkelsen recently shared a memorable experience from the filming of ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,’ involving a joke by co-star Harrison Ford.

As Mikkelsen recalls, the joke, although in good humor, left him in a momentarily awkward position. Starting by admitting Ford had a really goofy side, the actor said:

“He was just goofy all the time. I remember one of the first days, I was walking on the street in my personal clothes. It was in the studio. There were a lot of people around and he was far away, and then he just pointed at me and shouted, “There’s that Nazi!” And everybody turned around and looked at me and I was like, “Oh geez, Harrison. Now I’ve got to explain to everybody I’m not a Nazi.”

Mikkelsen then expressed his admiration for Ford’s ability to create a humorous atmosphere on set, saying:

“He always did stuff like that. No, I loved him. I just got to see him the other day at a party here and he’s just an amazing man. A kid by heart, but also very serious in what he does. And I think the reason why he is a legend — well, there’s a ton of reasons, but one of them is that he does not behave like a legend. He makes everybody feel at home in the scene around him. He’s a real gentleman.”

Will ‘Hannibal’ Return With a New Season?

In the same interview, Mikkelsen touched upon the ongoing discussions about reviving ‘Hannibal.’ Expressing eagerness to return to the role, he stated:

“It’s no secret that all of us who were part of the cast and Bryan, we all want to go back. It’s got to happen eventually sooner than later because we’re not getting any younger, right? But the story itself can jump, it can have that gap, which is fine. So it’s all about finding a home for it, but that’s nothing concrete out there now.”

The actor then revealed Bryan Fuller already has some ideas in store:

“He’s got a few ideas, Bryan. So I can’t really reveal any, in case we do start, but I’m sure they made it somehow.”

Mikkelsen’s upcoming projects include ‘The Black Kaiser‘ and ‘Dust Bunny,‘ while Ford is set to appear in ‘Captain America: Brave New World‘ and ‘Thunderbolts.



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