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Marc Blucas: What Really Happened To Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Riley Finn

From the vampire-infested town of Sunnydale, Marc Blucas has continued his career with varied roles that followed. Let’s learn more about Blucas’s career trajectory after ‘Buffy.’

Although he is mainly known as the Riley Finn of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ Marc Blucas has continued his journey in Hollywood. His role in the cult-classic series was more than just a stepping stone; it marked the beginning of a career in both television and film.

Blucas’ Early Career and Rise to Fame

Blucas’s television career began with the 1995 TV movie ‘Inflammable.’ His following roles in ‘Pleasantville’ (1998) and as Agent Riley Finn in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (1999-2000) marked the beginning of his presence in the industry. Interestingly, Blucas initially thought he had failed his audition for ‘Buffy,’ but was eventually called back by creator Joss Whedon.

In ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ Riley Finn was introduced in 1999 as the antithesis to Buffy’s previous love interest, Angel, as optimistic and reliable, contrasting with Angel’s persona. By the end of his storyline in 2000 and a final appearance in 2002, Riley’s character had evolved, showing signs of emotional wear. This ultimately led to his departure from the series.

Despite his roles that came after ‘Buffy,’ Blucas is often remembered for his time on the series. The show’s popularity and its fan base continue to associate him with the role of Riley Finn.

Post-Buffy Career in Film and Television

After his exit from ‘Buffy,’ Blucas’s career continued. He appeared in films such as ‘Summer Catch’ (2001), ‘We Were Soldiers’ (2002), and ‘First Daughter’ (2004), where he worked alongside actors like Mel Gibson, Chris Klein, and Katie Holmes. His role in ‘First Daughter’ came after a chance meeting with director Forest Whitaker:

“I was going to the meeting, and Forest (Whitaker) was going to the meeting as well, and I parked my truck, and he was about 20 feet away. We had never met before. I said, ‘Hey, Forest. I’m Marc. I’ll be in in a little bit.’ And he kind of stopped and looked at me for a beat or two too long, and I was just judged right there. And he went in. Probably three or four months after we wrapped, the casting director said he just walked into the room and said, ‘I just met my guy right in the parking lot.'”

Blucas also explored leading roles in films like ‘Thr3e’ and ‘The Killing Floor’ (2007) and joined the cast of the ABC drama pilot ‘True Blue’ in 2010. He was a regular on the USA Network show ‘Necessary Roughness’ (2011-2013).

More recently, Blucas has appeared in ‘Looking Glass’ (2018), ‘Unearth’ (2020), ‘Hunting Ava Bravo’ (2022), ‘A Christmas… Present’ (2022),  and in TV series like ‘Swagger’ (2021). He is currently involved in upcoming projects such as ‘My Life with the Walter Boys,‘ ‘One Heart,‘ and ‘Quiet in My Town.

On a personal note, Blucas married journalist Ryan Haddon in 2009 and is a father to their two daughters and two stepchildren.



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