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Maya Hawke Knows That Hollywood Cast Her Because Of Her Parents, Uma Thurman And Ethan Hawke

Maya Hawke addresses the impact of her parents, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, on her career as an actress.

Maya Hawke is aware that her parents, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, were influential in her Hollywood career.

In a recent interview with The Times of London, Maya said the following about whether she deserves her success:

“‘Deserves’ is a complicated word. There are so many people who deserve to have this kind of life who don’t, but I think I’m comfortable with not deserving it and doing it anyway. And I know that my not doing it wouldn’t help anyone. I saw two paths when I was first starting, and one of them was: change your name, get a nose job, and go to open casting roles.”

She also stated that she’s ‘okay’ with picking the second choice and accepting her nepotism:

“It’s OK to be made fun of when you’re in rarefied air. It’s a lucky place to be. My relationships with my parents are really honest and positive, and that supersedes anything anyone can say about it.”

Maya’s Previous Roles

Hawke’s remarks come almost two years after the term ‘nepo baby’ became popular online, following a 2022 New York magazine article. Maya was mentioned there along with other names. Hawke’s first onscreen role was in the 2017 BBC version of ‘Little Women’ with Jonah Hauer-King, Emily Watson, and Kathryn Newton.

After that, she starred in ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Fear Street Part One: 1994,’ ‘Do Revenge,’ and ‘Maestro.’ Last year, she acted in the biographical drama ‘Wildcat,’ directed by her father. She tried calling him ‘Ethan’ on set but ended up sticking with ‘Dad.’ She previously said:

“We were both being asked constantly if we were nervous to work with each other but we weren’t nervous, because I spent my whole life making art with that guy.”

She’s set to appear in the sequel to ‘Inside Out’ as Anxiety. It will arrive in theaters on June 14.



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