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Meet Molly Ringwald’s Beautiful Daughter And Twins: Mathilda, Adele, And Roman

Get an inside look at Mathilda, Adele, and Roman’s lives, achievements, and the loving bond they share with their iconic mom as they navigate their individual journeys. From red-carpet appearances to runway debuts, these three teens are a true reflection of their famous mother’s grace, talent, and spirit.

Molly Ringwald, the beloved actress who rose to fame with her iconic roles in John Hughes’ coming-of-age films, has built a successful career spanning decades. Known for her memorable performances in ‘Sixteen Candles,’ ‘Pretty In Pink,’ and ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Molly has become a symbol of the ’80s and a role model for many.

Behind the scenes, Ringwald is more than just an actress — she is a devoted wife to her husband, Panio Gianopoulos, and a loving mother to their three children, Mathilda, Adele, and Roman. The Ringwald-Gianopoulos family is a tight-knit unit, with each child displaying unique talents and interests. In this article, we take a closer look at Molly Ringwald’s three beautiful daughters and how they are carving out their paths in life, all while being supported by their famous mom.

Mathilda Ereni Gianopoulos: The Eldest Daughter

Mathilda, Molly’s eldest daughter, has been navigating the challenges of growing up in the age of social media. Molly has expressed her concerns about the impact of social media on teenagers, stating that it can exacerbate insecurities and make it harder for young people to focus on meaningful experiences. Despite the challenges, the 20-year-old Mathilda has the unwavering support of her parents as she pursues her dreams.

Already making a name for herself, Mathilda has been building a promising modeling career. In February 2020, she participated in New York Fashion Week as part of Andrew Warren’s Just Drew showcase. Mathilda has also accompanied her mom to various industry events and philanthropic gatherings since she was a young child, steadily stepping into the spotlight with her famous mother by her side. She also appears in Prime Video’s upcoming romance, ‘The Idea of You,‘ along with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine.

Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos

Adele, one of the twins, has been gradually embracing the limelight alongside her mother. She attended the American Ballet Theatre’s Fall Gala in New York City with Molly in 2021, showcasing her budding interest in the arts. The mother-daughter duo also paid a subtle tribute to Molly’s 1986 hit, ‘Pretty in Pink,’ with their wardrobe choices for the event, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Adele, now 14, is also known to have strong opinions on social issues, and Molly is both excited and apprehensive about her daughter’s take on her ’80s filmography. Molly has mentioned in interviews that she anticipates Adele’s critiques of her iconic roles and how they align with contemporary values.

Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos

Roman, Adele’s twin brother, has also been growing up in the public eye, though his red-carpet appearances and presence on social media have been relatively limited compared to his sisters. While not much is known about Roman’s interests and talents, it’s clear that he is part of a loving and supportive family that values privacy and togetherness.

Ringwald Family: Life And Parenting

In many of her previous interviews, Molly has openly discussed her parenting experiences, admitting that she often feels just as perplexed and confused as any other mom. This candor highlights her relatability and shows that, despite her ’80s teen queen status, she is just like any other parent trying to navigate the ups and downs of raising children.

Molly is careful about sharing her children’s lives and photos on social media, striking a balance between celebrating her family and maintaining their privacy. Despite the challenges of growing up in the public eye and navigating the complexities of today’s social media landscape, Mathilda, Adele, and Roman are fortunate to have a mother like Molly, who understands the importance of striking a balance between celebrating her family’s accomplishments and protecting their privacy.



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