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Millie Bobby Brown Can’t Stand Darth Vader Masks

In a recent chat, the actress shared her unease with masks.

Millie Bobby Brown mentioned that she finds masks off-putting. The actress’s comments came during her appearance at ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ on March 7. When Barrymore asked her turn-off, she shared:

“When people wear masks, I just feel disconnected. And so, ‘Stranger Things,’ everyone that I meet at the science fiction events wear masks. They’re either a Marvel character or they’re this or they’re Spider-Man, and I’m like, ‘Nope. If you wanna meet me, you gotta take it off.’”

Her words went on:

“So, that’s my rule. That’s my boundary. I just don’t feel like I can connect with you, if I can’t see your eyes.”

She Especially Dislikes Darth Vader Masks

The chat then shifted to Darth Vader masks specifically, after Barrymore asked about them. Brown expressed a particular discomfort with these masks, saying with a laugh:

“That is maybe like my biggest red flag. Darth Vader is a huge red flag. Terrified! By the way, Jake [is] like obsessed with ‘Star Wars,’ and he has a bunch of masks in the house.”

Jake Bongiovi, Brown’s fiancé and the son of Jon Bon Jovi, has his own connections to the entertainment world as a model and actor. Despite Brown’s fear, the pair were spotted at ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ at Walt Disney World Resort in 2022.

The Actress’s New Works Continue To Come Out

The purpose of Brown’s appearance on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ was to promote her new film, ‘DAMSEL,’ which debuted on March 8. She is also gearing up for her last season on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’

The actress previously shared her thoughts on the finale of ‘Stranger Things’ during an appearance on ‘Today with Hoda Kotb,’ giving a glimpse into what to expect:

“Every day we go on set, we’re like, ‘It’s the last second day,’ ‘It’s the last third day!’ But we’re definitely embracing it all. It’s really nice to be back with everyone, and of course, the story is unbelievable.”

Watch her interview with Drew Barrymore in the video below.



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