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Natascha McElhone’s Life After ‘The Truman Show’: 5 Facts About Her Net Worth And Career

Natascha McElhone has a story that goes beyond her role in ‘The Truman Show,’ Here are five key aspects of her life, including her family background, education, personal life, and her net worth as of 2023.

Known for her role in ‘The Truman Show,’ Natascha McElhone has led a life filled with both professional triumphs and personal challenges. In this article, we’ll explore five key aspects of her journey, including her upbringing, educational background, and the current state of her net worth in 2023.

5. Her Parents Are Journalists

McElhone was born into a family of journalists on December 14, 1969. Her parents, Noreen McElhone and Michael Taylor, both pursued careers in journalism. After her parents’ separation when she was two, McElhone moved with her mother to Brighton, taking her mother’s surname as her stage name. Her family includes an older brother, Damon Taylor, a scriptwriter in Los Angeles, and two half-brothers, Alexander and Nicholas, who reside in Stockholm.

4. She Has a Rich Educational Background

Since she was a child, McElhone had various educational experiences. After relocating to Brighton, she attended St Mark’s CofE Primary School and St Mary’s Hall. Her educational journey continued at Fortismere School and Camden School for Girls in London. Between ages six and twelve, McElhone also took Irish dancing classes. She later graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 1993 and began her professional acting career.

3. Natascha Was Married To Martin Hirigoyen Kelly

McElhone married Martin Hirigoyen Kelly, a plastic surgeon, on May 19, 1998. They lived in Fulham, southwest London, and had three sons: Theodore, Otis, and Rex. Their life together, however, was cut short by Kelly’s untimely death in 2008.

2. Her Third Son Was Born Months After Kelly’s Passing

Tragedy struck just a day after the couple’s 10th anniversary when Kelly was found deceased at their home. An autopsy revealed the cause of death as dilated cardiomyopathy. At the time of this heartbreaking event, McElhone was expecting their third child, Rex, who was born five months later. In the wake of this personal loss, McElhone penned letters to her late husband, detailing her experiences raising their children alone. These letters were later published in 2010 as a book titled ‘After You: Letters of Love, and Loss, to a Husband and Father.

1. Natascha McElhone’s 2023 Net Worth

As of 2023, Natascha McElhone’s net worth stands at $5 million. Her career in the entertainment industry, spanning theater productions and collaborations with internationally acclaimed actors, has probably contributed to this figure.



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