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Ncuti Gatwa Explains The Biggest Challenge He Faced In Doctor Who

Ncuti Gatwa, the new star of ‘Doctor Who,’ talks about the hardest part of his role as the fifteenth Doctor.

Speaking to The Inverse, Ncuti Gatwa shared the challenges he faced stepping into the role of the Time Lord in BBC’s ‘Doctor Who.’ Gatwa, who has been the Fifteenth Doctor, detailed the demands of his character in the interview.

Despite his ease in front of the camera, as seen in his recent performance in the 2023 film ‘Barbie,’ Gatwa openly shared his biggest hurdle:

“The biggest challenge… I guess the huge monologues that you have to learn… The amount of line learning that you have to do.”

He then humorously recounted his experiences with science during his school days:

“I was never allowed in my science classroom at school; the teachers just did not want me in that classroom for fear that the building might blow up. So, talking about all these big science-y stuff, I’m always like, ‘What does this mean?’ So, I’d say I am probably getting my head around some of the vocabulary.”

Gatwa’s Role in ‘Doctor Who’

As the first black actor to lead the series and the fourth Scottish actor in this role, Gatwa made his debut as the Doctor in the special ‘The Giggle,’ which aired on December 9, 2023. His full-length episode debut, ‘The Church on Ruby Road,’ premiered on Christmas Day 2023. It also introduced Millie Gibson as his companion, Ruby Sunday.

The episode also features a musical number by goblins about eating human babies, which has generated interest among the fandom. Gatwa was tight-lipped about the possibility of a full-fledged musical episode in ‘Doctor Who’s future.

In the same interview, Gatwa also revealed what excites him most about being the Doctor:

“Oh my God, so many things. There are so many iconic monsters that I want to face. I would love to face the Weeping Angels, and I would love to face the Daleks. I want to point my sonic screwdriver at a door, and it just magically opens. Lots of little intricate, silly moments that the Doctor has that just make it feel so ‘Doctory,’ I couldn’t wait to do.”

The transition of Gatwa into the role follows the series’ narrative device of regeneration, which allowed for a seamless transition from Jodie Whittaker’s portrayal of the Doctor. This change also saw David Tennant briefly reprise his role as the Doctor before Gatwa took over.

Outside of ‘Doctor Who,” Gatwa has an upcoming role in the miniseries ‘Masters of the Air,‘ where he plays 2nd Lt. Robert Daniels. However, his current focus remains on playing the Doctor.



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