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Olivia Cooke Reveals Embarrassing Moment With Tom Cruise: ‘I Bowed Like A Servant’

Cooke thinks her first meeting with Cruise was ‘void of chemistry’ because of her nerves.

Olivia Cooke met many of Steven Spielberg’s famous friends like George Lucas while filming ‘Ready Player One.’ But she had a hard time during Tom Cruise’s visit on set.

The actress told on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ that she tried to hide from Cruise to avoid talking to him:

“And then, I hear Steven go, ‘Olivia, come meet my good friend, Tom Cruise.’ I completely blacked out, but apparently — my friend ran to the top of the stage to watch this interaction — and apparently, I bowed like a servant, like boobs to knee, like bowed, and then just shook his hand and then came to.”

The Actress Is Excited About Returning To The Screen

Olivia Cooke will return to the screen as Queen Alicent Hightower in the second season of ‘House of the Dragon.’ The new episodes are about ‘bloodshed, legacy, power, sexuality, and dragons,’ according to her.

There are also new places to explore for Alicent as she leaves the castle in Season 2. Cooke shared with Deadline at the ‘House of the Dragon’ premiere on June 3:

“That was huge for me. I went to Spain. I went to Wales and I went to Surrey. I’m excited for people to see me out of the castle.”

‘House Of The Dragon’ Comes Back With A New World To Explore

Co-star Matt Smith says the new season takes cues from ‘Game of Thrones’ and delves into ‘different worlds and pockets of the world of Westeros.’ Emma D’Arcy mentions ‘grief’ as a main element in the upcoming story.

D’Arcy shared during the red carpet event:

“I did try to seek the good in being invited to reflect on what grief does to the body, to relationships, to one’s desire, to one’s psyche… Part of the magic the [writing team] has constructed this season just how enmeshed the personal emotion is with the political designs. That for me is when the show really ticked.”

‘House of the Dragon’ will hit HBO on June 16.



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