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‘One Piece’ Star Spills The Beans About The Show’s Future

Brashaad Mayweather reveals they are filming Seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back this summer.

Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’ series might have already been renewed for a third season.

Brashaad Mayweather, who played Patty in Season 1, revealed in an interview that they are filming Seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back this summer. As per AnimeMojo, Mayweather said they are filming two episodes, but he quickly corrected himself:

“Hopefully there’s a flashback scene with Patty. We’ll see if they flashback to it because they’re filming two episodes. Two seasons — Season 2 and 3 —back to back starting soon.”

Netflix officially announced a second season so far, but it now seems like a third season may also be in the works.

‘One Piece’ Was a Huge Success For Netflix

We know that ‘One Piece’ will return for a second season. What happens beyond that remains uncertain. Considering the positive response to the first season, it’s likely that Netflix would want to secure more seasons. If Season 2 is as well-received as the first, a third season could be almost guaranteed.

It makes sense for Netflix to film multiple seasons back-to-back given how many episodes there are in the original One Piece anime. But if Netflix approved a third season, it’s unclear why they didn’t announce it yet. Netflix did a double season order when they renewed the live-action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender series.’

There’s not much official information about the second season yet. Hints and casting calls suggest that it will follow the Arabasta arc, featuring the Baroque Works criminal syndicate. Filming for the season is expected to begin this month with a target release window in 2025. Season 2 will possibly consist of eight episodes.



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