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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Actress Yael Stone Calls An Energy Retailer To Stop Their Harmful Actions

Australian actress, Yael Stone, who is best known for her portrayal of ‘Lorna Morello’ in Netflix’s ‘Orange Is the New Black‘, uploaded a video of herself calling Origin Energy’s center to stop their actions that damage the environment.

By the way, Origin Energy is known as “Australia’s largest energy retailer and green energy provider.”

In the video, as a climate protector, Stone said:

“(…) I’m very concerned about what Origin Energy is doing in the Northern Territory. I just learned about shale gas fracking… That’s so bad (…)”

Along with the video, ‘Me Myself I’ actress wrote as follows:

“I feel sick when I find out ‘green’ companies getting my money are actually doing awful things to the earth. @originenergy please stop this insane push to frack shale gas in the Northern Territory. Bad for water, bad for land, bad for people.”

Although her delicate action received many positive reactions, some of the followers expressed this is not enough for change.

Here are some comments:

“Good work but the person in the call centre is going to be more concerned about what they are having for lunch. It is strength in numbers though and you have a big following so who knows, this might work :)” said, Amanda Cole.

They wouldn’t care unfortunately” wrote, Ryan.

“Go old school…disconnect all your services….the moment they don’t make money they will change” added, another follower.

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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