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Peter Weller Vs Joel Kinnaman: Which RoboCop Actor Was Better

It’s an age-old question — who nailed the RoboCop role better, Peter Weller or Joel Kinnaman? Let’s rewind to the ’80s with Weller and fast-forward to 2014 with Kinnaman.

Who wore the cybernetic RoboCop suit better, Peter Weller or Joel Kinnaman? Let’s see the objective facts about both actors and the impact they’ve had on this iconic role.

Weller’s RoboCop

Peter Weller, the original RoboCop, brought the character to life in the 1987 film. Widely regarded as a talented actor, Weller’s portrayal was the one who brought the franchise into popularity. His association with RoboCop has even been likened to Sean Connery’s bond with James Bond due to his classic and irreplaceable status.

Kinnaman’s RoboCop

Joel Kinnaman took on the mantle in the 2014 remake, and he faced the challenge of reimagining a character of pop culture. While some fans appreciated Kinnaman’s realistic approach to the character’s transformation, the recognition and legacy of the role are inherently tied to Weller’s performance.

With the release of unofficial images showing Joel Kinnaman in the new RoboCop suit, fans began to express their disappointment. They described it as ‘unrobotic’ and resembling a ‘guy in a suit.’ The scaly, insectoid appearance of Kinnaman’s suit raised questions about the departure from the original’s robotic aesthetic.

The comparison to Weller’s clunky yet iconic design fueled debates.

Speculation arose about potential CGI enhancements or a different suit in post-production, as the fans were sensitive to deviations from the classic design.

The Evolution of RoboCop

Helmed by director José Padilha, the 2014 RoboCop remake was a departure from the 1987 original in various aspects, from plot dynamics to character portrayals. The remake aimed to introduce RoboCop to a new generation while carrying the legacy of the character.

While Weller’s RoboCop remains synonymous with the gritty, brutal action sequences of the original, the 2014 version opted for a more family-friendly approach and secured a 12A rating. This decision sparked mixed reviews as well, with some fans liking the updated look and others expressing a preference for the thrills of the original.

Final Verdict

As we weigh the performances of Weller and Kinnaman, it’s clear that the legacy of RoboCop is tied to Weller in the 1987 classic. While Kinnaman’s portrayal brought a contemporary touch, the impact and recognition of RoboCop as an iconic character largely stems from Weller’s original portrayal.



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