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Pokemon’s Misty Launches GoFundMe To Battle Cancer

Rachael Lillis, who voices Misty in Pokemon, is battling breast cancer and needs help.

Rachael Lillis started a GoFundMe campaign to help with her cancer treatment.

Lillis is the voice actress of Misty and Jessie in the Pokémon anime. She has been fighting breast cancer, and it now has spread to her spine. This makes it very hard for her to walk, so she’s been living in a nursing home in Los Angeles for five months.

Lillis’ sister, Laurie Orr, created the GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her care. Orr mentioned that Lillis needs either personal care at home or to move to an assisted living facility where she can get daily help and medication:

“Hello everyone. I’m trying to raise some funds for my sister Rachael Lillis who is currently in a nursing home facility in Los Angeles. She has been there since late January, but needs either personal care at home for a time Or an Assisted Living facility perhaps, one where she can receive daily care and medication.”

They Raised Over $67,000 USD So Far

Lillis and her family are grateful for the support they received from fans and the anime community. They thanked everyone who donated with a recent update on GoFundMe:

“I want to again, thank you all so much for your comments, emails, and generosity! I send these messages regularly to Rachael, and it really lifts her spirits knowing about the care and concern for her, expressed through your kind words. I will be traveling next month to Los Angeles to visit Rachael. We will discuss next steps about her ongoing care.”

Lillis also voiced characters in other projects like ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena,’ ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn,’ and ‘Boogiepop Phantom.’

If you would like to support Rachael Lillis, you can donate to her GoFundMe campaign.



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