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Reacher’s Alan Ritchson: ‘James Bond Is Misogynistic And Predictable At This Point’

The actor has no interest in playing the British spy.

Alan Ritchson currently stars as former US Army military police Jack Reacher in the Amazon Prime Video series ‘Reacher.’ Ritchson describes his role as the American version of James Bond. He recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s funny, I kind of feel like ‘Reacher’ is the American James Bond, and I’ve never had more fun playing a character. I love those larger-than-life, over-the-top action thrillers and spy movies and the heists that are smart and ahead of the audience.”

The actor explained why he didn’t want to play 007:

“That’s really great, but I feel like Bond, to me personally — people are going to hate me for saying this — I love Bond, but I feel like it’s all a little misogynistic and predictable at this point.”

The Actor Likes ‘Reacher’ More

EON Production is looking for a new actor to replace Daniel Craig as Bond in future projects. But Ritchson has doubts that the British spy can be relevant in modern cinema.

‘Reacher,’ on the other hand, is different to him:

“I think it’s a cool way to go about doing it where it’s a little less purposefully cool. He’s not in on how slick he is. I don’t feel like we can have characters these days that are in on the joke. Either they know that they’re funny, they know that they’re smart, they know that they’re very cool or capable or invincible — I feel like it reduces the stakes of the stories, and we’ve seen too many movies, we’re too savvy as an audience to be entertained by that.”

The Amazon show’s third season began filming in December 2023.

Still Trying To Find A New Face For The Spy

No new James Bond film is in the works at the moment, although rumors say that several actors are eyed for the lead role.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is reportedly the frontrunner to become the next 007. ET Online wrote in March:

“Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table, and they are waiting to hear back. As far as Eon is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days, and they can start preparing for the big announcement.”

Cillian Murphy is another rumored name for the part, but EON Productions didn’t confirm any of the news.



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