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Remembering Baywatch’s Neely Capshaw: See Gena Lee Nolin’s New Life

Do you remember the blonde bombshell Neely Capshaw from the iconic TV show ‘Baywatch‘? Gena Lee Nolin brought this character to life, captivating audiences with her beauty and talent. Now, years after the show ended, she’s made quite a name for herself beyond the beach. Let’s dive into Gena Lee Nolin‘s life and see what she’s up to now.

Early Life And Baywatch Days

Gena’s journey to stardom began when she got her big break as a ‘Barker Beauty’ on ‘The Price is Right.‘ However, it was her role as Neely Capshaw in ‘Baywatch’ that really put her on the map. As Neely, Gena portrayed a complex character with a mix of charm, cruelty, and vulnerability. Her performance contributed to the show’s popularity, and she became a fan favorite during her time on the series.

After leaving ‘Baywatch,’ Gena continued to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She posed for Playboy and took on various acting roles, proving that her talent extended beyond the lifeguard tower. In 2003, she reprised her role as Neely Capshaw in the TV movie ‘Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding,‘ giving fans a chance to catch up with the character they had grown to love.

Life After Baywatch And Other Projects

Gena remained active in the entertainment world, appearing in several projects over the years. In 2010, she participated in the ‘Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff,’ where she humorously poked fun at her former ‘Baywatch’ co-star. In 2014, she showcased her culinary skills on ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ competing alongside other celebrities in the popular cooking competition show.

In 2016, Gena appeared in the quirky disaster film ‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens,’ playing Neely Capshaw as an Astro-X Rocket Scientist. She continued her connection to David Hasselhoff by starring in the 2017 comedy film ‘Killing Hasselhoff.’ These roles allowed Gena to explore her acting talents in various genres while maintaining her connection to the ‘Baywatch’ legacy.

Struggles With Thyroid Disease

Behind the scenes, Gena was dealing with a personal struggle: thyroid disease. This chronic condition caused her to feel sluggish and unwell, even when she was at the height of her career. Determined to find answers, she started an online support group for people dealing with thyroid issues. Her journey eventually led her to write and publish her book, ‘Beautiful Inside and Out: Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, ‘Thyroid Sexy’ Life,’ in 2013. The book has since become a valuable resource for those facing similar health challenges.

Gena remains committed to raising awareness for thyroid health and supporting those who are affected by it. Her online support group has grown over the years, providing a safe space for people to share their experiences and find encouragement. The impact of her book continues to help countless individuals navigate their thyroid health journey with confidence and hope.

Gena’s Life Today

These days, Gena enjoys a quieter life in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband, retired NHL star Cale Hulse, and their two teenagers. She’s fallen in love with the natural beauty of Arizona, from the stunning sunsets to the abundance of outdoor activities. Gena is currently working on her second book, which focuses on inner beauty and changing the narrative in one’s life. It’s clear that she’s passionate about helping others find happiness and contentment from within.

As she continues to focus on inner beauty and wellness, Gena serves as an inspiration for many who have followed her journey. She has transformed from a Baywatch beauty to a dedicated advocate for thyroid health, using her platform to create positive change. Her upcoming book promises to offer valuable insights and lessons on the importance of looking inward and embracing one’s inner strength.



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