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Rosario Dawson On The Possibility Of Anakin And Ahsoka’s Return For ‘Ahsoka’ Season 2

Dawson and Christensen, long-time friends, could reunite in the new season.

In a recent conversation on EW’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Rosario Dawson, the star of the Disney+ miniseries ‘Ahsoka,’ revealed the details of her emotional on-screen reunion with Hayden Christensen and speculated on the future of their characters in the next season.

Dawson shared insights into her work with Hayden Christensen, who returned to the franchise as Anakin Skywalker. As for the future of ‘Ahsoka,’ Dawson remained discreet about a second season but expressed her hope for the continuation of the story. She also hinted at an upcoming cast gathering, saying:

“I hope we get to [work on a second season]. We’re supposed to be having dinner soon for the whole cast, which will be really nice because I haven’t seen everyone. I was very jealous seeing everyone at some of these cons recently, which I wasn’t able to be at. So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.”

The Portrayals of Dawson and Christensen in the Series

Dawson, reprising her role from ‘The Mandalorian,’ portrays Ahsoka Tano in ‘Ahsoka.’ The series presents Ahsoka with reimagined montrals, which is a design evolution achieved with cutting-edge technology and a 3D-printed skeleton.

The emotional core of the series lies in the reunion of Ahsoka with Anakin. Dawson and Christensen, who first met in their teenage years and later co-starred in the 2003 film ‘Shattered Glass,’ bring a depth of real-life friendship to their on-screen dynamic.

Christensen’s appearances in ‘Ahsoka’ were carefully crafted to be impactful, including his portrayal in the World Between Worlds, a hologram training video, and as a Force ghost.

In the same interview, Dawson also revealed the behind-the-scenes decisions that went into shaping these appearances. Rather than opting for another Force ghost conversation, Dawson, alongside series creator Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm executive Carrie Beck, decided to present Anakin in a hologram.

Outside the Star Wars universe, Dawson continues her career. She is set to voice Prism in the upcoming TV series ‘Ghost of Ruin‘ and will star as Vanessa Trace in the thriller ‘Speed of Light.

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.



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