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Rose McIver’s Journey From IZombie’s Olivia To Ghost’s Samantha

With her captivating performances and impressive range, New Zealand-born actress Rose McIver has become a beloved figure in the world of fantasy television. From her role as a zombie medical examiner in ‘iZombie’ to her latest venture in ‘Ghosts’, McIver’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her critical acclaim and a devoted following.

From fighting crime as a zombie to living with a houseful of ghosts, New Zealand-born actress Rose McIver has undoubtedly proven her versatility in the realm of fantasy television. Her impressive career, which spans over a decade, has seen her taking on multiple challenging roles that showcase her charm, wit, and talent.

From her breakthrough performance as Liv Moore, a zombie-turned-medical examiner, in the hit series ‘iZombie’ from 2015 to 2019 to her latest venture as Samantha in the American adaptation of the British comedy series ‘Ghosts,’ McIver has demonstrated a unique ability to connect with audiences in both dramatic and comedic settings.

Rose McIver’s Background And Early Roles

Before stepping into the spotlight with ‘iZombie,’ McIver had already made a name for herself with various roles in television and film. Notably, she played Summer Landsdown, the Yellow Ranger in ‘Power Rangers RPM’ in 2009, and Tinker Bell in the popular series ‘Once Upon a Time’ from 2013 to 2017. These early performances showcased McIver’s ability to adapt to different genres and characters, paving the way for her future success in the fantasy realm.

The ‘iZombie’ Years

‘iZombie’ proved to be a turning point in McIver’s career. Playing Liv Moore, a medical examiner who becomes a zombie and must eat brains to maintain her humanity, was both challenging and rewarding. McIver collaborated closely with the show’s creators, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, to bring Liv to life. In a 2015 Collider interview, she discussed how playing a character with shifting personalities, based on the brains she consumes, allowed her to explore a wide range of emotions and traits.

Transitioning To ‘Ghosts’

After ‘iZombie’ wrapped up in 2019, McIver didn’t waste any time diving into another fantasy project. In 2021, she joined the cast of ‘Ghosts,’ an American adaptation of the British comedy series of the same name. Rose’s character, Samantha, is a young woman who suddenly gains the ability to see and communicate with ghosts after an accident. This new role gave McIver a chance to showcase her comedic skills, working alongside a talented ensemble cast.

In a 2021 interview with Collider, McIver spoke about the process of finding the right balance between comedy and drama in ‘Ghosts.’ She emphasized the importance of listening to her fellow actors and respecting everyone’s unique approach to their craft. She also mentioned her excitement for the show’s potential, as it explores thousands of years of history through its ghostly characters.

The Future And Beyond

Throughout her career, Rose McIver has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to adapt and excel in various roles, especially within the realm of fantasy television. Her journey from ‘iZombie’ to ‘Ghosts’ highlights not only her incredible talent but also her willingness to explore different facets of her craft.

As she continues to pursue new opportunities, McIver’s fans eagerly await her next venture, confident that she will bring the same charm, wit, and skill that has made her such a beloved figure in the world of television.



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