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Ryan Reynolds Says Emma Corrin Brought Gene Wilder Energy To Deadpool & Wolverine

The ‘Deadpool’ actor discusses his co-star’s performance as supervillain in the upcoming MCU film.

Emma Corrin appears as Charles Xavier’s villainous twin sister Cassandra Nova in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ Ryan Reynolds says Corrin’s performance in the role holds a ‘Gene Wilder energy.’

The actor recently shared in a chat with Harper’s Bazaar:

“Emma brought a Gene Wilder energy to ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ Mischief, danger, unpredictability—from their first scene onward, we understand the villain enough to know why she’s motivated to oppose our heroes. And that’s because Emma is so fucking excellent at humanizing even the most chaotic lines. The only thing we love more than hating a villain is loving one. And we love Emma’s Cassandra Nova from the jump.”

Cassandra is a powerful enemy of the X-Men and is driven by destructive and genocidal goals. Reynolds believes that Corrin’s performance makes the character standout in the film:

“Emma has an ability to so subtly change—to turn on a dime. There was an effortlessness, a sense of danger.”

Corrin Worked Hard To Get The Part Right

Emma Corrin joined the ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ cast after director Shawn Levy saw them in a 2022 stage production of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando.’ The actor knew little about the film and their role at first but was ‘excited’ about playing a villain.

Appearing in a Marvel film was also an entirely new experience for Corrin. They told Empire last year:

“Hands up, I’m not a Marvel person. I’ve watched ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Black Panther.’ I was like, ‘Look, you’re gonna have to debrief me into this.’ It’s such an intricate world. There’s so much to it, it’s an absolute mind-fuck. All the language and the Easter eggs, and this person is related to that person who did this, and this person came back and this person’s dead… it’s amazing.”

The ‘The Crown’ star continued:

“I really understand why it means as much as it does to so many people. It’s a phenomenon, and I feel really lucky to be part of it. Especially ‘Deadpool,’ because I love the fact that it’s self-aware, and critical of its own inner-workings.”

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is coming out on July 26, 2024.



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