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Sam Claflin Responds To Rumors About Him Going Back To ‘Hunger Games’ Franchise

The 37-year-old actor mentions the rumors of a Finnick Odair prequel and reveals whether he is open to reprising the role in a possible new project.

Having appeared in ‘Catching Fire’ and the ‘Mockingjay’ films, Sam Claflin’s District 4 victor became quite popular among ‘Hunger Games’ fans. This interest grew with the release of ‘The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes,’ as the rumors of a Finnick Odair prequel spread in the media.

The 2023 movie adaptation of the prequel book by Suzanne Collins came out in November. Speaking of it at the 2024 Emmy Awards with Variety, Claflin shared:

“Of course, I have [seen it]. If you love the ‘Hunger Games’ series, you will love this movie. Francis Lawrence at the helm is sort of a dagger in the heart because I thought he was ours, but I’m so glad that he stuck with it, and I’m so glad that the series has him at the helm.”

When asked about a possible return to the franchise, the actor added:

“One hundred percent. I don’t know if there’s room for me to go back. I’m too old now; I’m not blonde; I’m not blue-eyed. My body’s better than it was in those days. I’ve heard rumors that people are asking for a Finnick prequel. All I’m going to say is I’d be all in for Finnick’s dad.”

The Director Is Open To Make A Prequel Too

Claflin’s debut in the franchise, ‘Catching Fire,’ became a commercial hit in 2013, earning $865 million worldwide. It remained the highest-grossing film in the ‘Hunger Games’ series, with the sequels exploring more of his character’s past before he met his end in ‘Mockingjay Part II.’

About the future of the ‘Hunger Games’ movies, director Francis Lawrence has explained that he would only consider making new films if they are based on new stories by Suzanne Collins that add something new to the characters’ journeys like ‘The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes’ did. His words to Entertainment Weekly read:

“If Suzanne has another thematic idea that she feels fits into the world of Panem – whether that’s with new people (or) familiar characters (like) Finnick, Haymitch, whoever – I’d be really interested in looking at it and being a part of it. But I don’t have any pull of just going, ‘I would love to do Finnick’s games.’ He’s a great character, but what’s the thematic underpinnings that make it worth telling and relevant?”

Collins hasn’t confirmed writing another ‘Hunger Games’ book.



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