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Sam Worthington Shares An Exciting Update For ‘Avatar’ Fans

According to the actor, the ‘Avatar’ movie series is getting bigger, with a new film starting to shoot soon.

In a recent interview with People, Sam Worthington of the ‘Avatar’ franchise revealed that the next chapter in the science fiction saga is set to resume filming in just a month. This announcement came during his appearance at the Netflix premiere of ‘Lift’ at New York City’s Lincoln Center on January 9.

Worthington hinted at the grand scale of the upcoming installment, saying:

“We go back to work on it in a month, and it’s big. It’s bigger than you can imagine.”

What to Expect From the Third Avatar Movie?

The original film, released in 2009, still holds the record as the highest-grossing film of all time, with $2.9 billion in earnings. Its sequel, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ released in 2022, also saw massive success, grossing $2.3 billion worldwide and becoming the third-highest-grossing film ever.

Looking ahead, ‘Avatar 3’ is slated for a release on December 19, 2025. Cameron, in a previous discussion with People, expressed confidence in the production schedule of the third film, stating:

“Three is right on track [for its scheduled release.] “

Considering the challenges faced during the production of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ Cameron added that the third film’s production process has been different:

“Three is actually much more straightforward than two. Two, we got hit with the pandemic in the middle of it, and we were interrupted. Then, we had to reboot and reboot the production and all that sort of thing. And it was a scramble to get it done.”

The Future of the ‘Avatar’ Franchise

The franchise does not stop there. ‘Avatar 4’ is expected to hit theaters in 2029, and ‘Avatar 5’ is scheduled for 2031. These sequels aim to expand the narrative and explore new dimensions within the Avatar universe. Interestingly, a part of ‘Avatar 4’ has already been filmed to accommodate the aging of the child actors in the story.

In addition to the success of the franchise, which has grossed over $5.2 billion worldwide, the upcoming films promise to maintain the saga’s storytelling and visual excellence. Each film in the series is designed to have a unique plot while contributing to a larger, interconnected narrative.

Kate Winslet, who plays Ronal, is also confirmed to reprise her role in ‘Avatar 3.’ Winslet has prepared for her role with specialized training. Worthington, on the other hand, has a busy schedule with several projects lined up, including ‘Breathe,’ ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ Chapters 1 and 2, ‘Relay,’ ‘Seacole,’ and ‘Lift,’ which will be released on January 12.



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