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Spider-Man 4’s New Villain Could Be A Huge Surprise, Voice Actor Says

Rumors suggest the villain could be someone not seen before in the movies.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gears up for its next big hit, ‘Spider-Man 4,’ the rumors are buzzing with speculation about the film’s potential new villain. Amidst this whirlwind of guesses and theories, Stephen Oyoung, known for his voice role as Mr. Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man video games, has hinted at his interest in bringing the character to life in the upcoming film.

Oyoung, a seasoned actor with nearly two decades in the industry, recently stirred the pot on Twitter by responding to rumors about the new villain in ‘Spider-Man 4.’ He wrote:

“What’s a guy gotta do…”

After this tweet, he posted another one, suggesting a keen interest in transitioning his video game character, Mr. Negative, to the big screen:

“I don’t have powerful backing. I am not a member of BTS. I never won an award. I am not a trendsetter or Asian American history maker. I was not on ‘Beef.’ I don’t know Michelle Yeoh. I have been on the grind in this biz for almost twenty years. I only know Kung Fu and have a dream.”

Upon seeing Oyoung’s tweet, many fans reacted positively and expressed enthusiasm to see Mr. Negative on screen. Check out the tweets below.

What’s the Source of the Rumors?

Following the success of previous MCU Spider-Man titles like ‘Homecoming,’ ‘Far From Home,’ and ‘No Way Home,’ the anticipation for ‘Spider-Man 4’ seems high. As recently reported by Alex Perez of The Cosmic Circus, the new movie is rumored to introduce a villain never before seen in live-action:

“‘Spider-Man 4’ will reportedly feature a villain that has not been adapted to live-action yet.”

This has led to speculation that Mr. Negative, a character central to the PlayStation’s Spider-Man franchise, could be the antagonist. The character’s potential inclusion in ‘Spider-Man 4’ seems possible with Sony’s ongoing efforts to integrate their video game properties with their film projects.

Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman also retweeted the news, which was posted by FandomWire on Twitter. See the tweet below.

Who Else Can Be the Next Spider-Man Villain?

Apart from Mr. Negative, rumors also suggest that Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s best friend portrayed by Jacob Batalon, might transform into the supervillain Hobgoblin, a possibility hinted at in ‘No Way Home.’ Another speculated antagonist is Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, following his appearances in the ‘Hawkeye’ series and the recent ‘Echo’ release in 2024.

In a broader context, Sony executive Tom Rothman indicated openness to exploring various characters and storylines within the Spider-Man universe and beyond, mentioning projects like ‘Kraven,’ ‘Madame Web,‘ which is scheduled for release on February 14, and other standalone Marvel characters.

As of now, ‘Spider-Man 4’ is rumored to come out in the summer of 2025.



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