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‘Star Wars: Rey’ Director Proves She Knows How To Deal With Trolls

There are online complaints, but she remains focused on creating a story that appeals to a broad audience.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy shows she can handle online criticism while staying focused on her work.

Rey is coming back to the big screen in a movie that will explore her journey as a female Jedi rebuilding the Jedi Order. Obaid-Chinoy heard the fan complaints but believes it’s important to focus on making movies that will interest many fans, not just a few loud voices. She told Variety that she is excited about telling Rey’s story and using her own experiences to make it special:

“The greatest thing about ‘Star Wars’ is that everyone has a personal connection to it. Everyone is passionate about it. And throughout the fandom, people have clear ideas about who should direct or what the stories should be about. I’m just drowning out those voices until I’m done. As a storyteller, I’m focused on drawing new moviegoers into the cinema, and bringing a sense of nostalgia that will appeal to older fans of the series.”

The director also noted that the noise doesn’t deter her from creating a film that will bring in new viewers and make longtime fans feel nostalgic.

Some Fans Plan To Boycott Her

Obaid-Chinoy’s hiring got some ‘Star Wars’ fans quite angry. They claimed it was a ‘woke’ move as the director previously said her main goal is to ‘make men uncomfortable.’

The new movie sparked a lot of conversations and mixed reactions from fans, but Obaid-Chinoy is focused on her vision. She believes that the vast Star Wars galaxy can hold many different stories, and she is ready to tell one that will interest a wide audience.

As for Daisy Ridley, she said she didn’t immediately agree to return and was given time to think by Lucasfilm president Kathy Kennedy. She was initially surprised by the offer, even joking with a friend that it might be for a TV show. She then decided to come back because she loves the character and is excited to see what has changed for both herself and Rey.



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