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Stephen Amell Reunites With ‘Arrow’ Co-Star Emily Bett Rickards In ‘Calamity Jane’

The Western-thriller will come out on February 2.

Fans of the TV show ‘Arrow’ are in for a treat as former co-stars Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell reunite in the new film ‘Calamity Jane.’ The just-released trailer offers a first look at their latest collaboration.

In ‘Calamity Jane,’ Emily Bett Rickards plays the titular character, a well-known figure from the 19th century known for her skills as a sharpshooter. Stephen Amell joins her as Wild Bill Hickok, sporting a new look with long hair. Their roles in this movie take them back to the Wild West, a departure from their previous work on ‘Arrow.’

The Upcoming Movie’s Details

The movie’s storyline kicks off with the murder of Wild Bill Hickok during a poker game. This event drives Calamity Jane to seek revenge as she escapes from prison and journeys through the tough landscapes of the Old West.

Directed by Terry Miles, ‘Calamity Jane’ is a joint project of Samuel Goldwyn Films and Tubi. The screenplay, written by Leon Langford and Collin Watts, features a diverse cast. Alongside Rickards and Amell, it includes Tim Rozon, Priscilla Faia, Gage Marsh, Garrett Black, Christian Sloan, Troy Mundle, and Spencer Borgeson.

The Two’s Chemistry In The Arrow-verse

Rickards and Amell captured fan attention as a duo during their performance in The CW’s ‘Arrow’ between 2012 and 2020. Their on-screen chemistry as Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen was so strong that it led to a change in the storyline.

The show drifted from the original comic book plot by shifting the focus to develop a romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity instead of the hooded hero and Dinah Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary.

‘Calamity Jane’ may revive that dynamic through the story of Jane and Hickok. You can check out the film’s trailer below.



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