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Sylvester Stallone Reveals He Wore The ‘Ken Coat’ Before Ryan Gosling Did In ‘Barbie’

This shows how Stallone’s style unknowingly inspired part of the film.

In a recent appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ Sylvester Stallone humorously revealed that he donned a ‘Ken coat’ long before Gosling’s character did in the ‘Barbie’ film.

During the interview, Stallone and Fallon discussed the actor’s potential involvement in ‘Barbie’ and his unexpected impact on the film. Stallone disclosed that although he was interested in appearing in the film, scheduling conflicts prevented this:

“No, actually. The director said, ‘Do you want to be in the film?’ I said, ‘I’d love to be in the film,’ but then I was stuck on ‘Tulsa King,’ so I couldn’t be on.”

Instead, he was symbolically incorporated into the movie, with Gosling’s character wearing a white fur coat that resembles Stallone’s own fashion choice from the past:

“They took my image, and with Ryan, and it was, like, amazing. So, that’s the story. … I used to wear a Ken coat. For real.”

Apart from this fashion-related nod to Stallone, Fallon also pointed out a scene where there were several of the actor’s film posters on the wall. You can watch that part of the episode below.

Besides Stallone, Ben Affleck Almost Made a Cameo in ‘Barbie’


Michael Cera, co-star of ‘Barbie,’ recently revealed during a Q&A session that Ben Affleck was originally slated for a cameo in a fight scene in the film. However, due to Affleck’s directorial commitments, Cera stepped in:

“I wasn’t even supposed to fight in the movie. Am I allowed to say what it was supposed to be? It was supposed to be Ben Affleck. Right? Am I allowed to say that? I think Ben wanted to do it, but he was directing his movie. They’re like, ‘Okay, Ben’s out; something has to happen here. So you’re gonna fight them.’ So, I had to jump in with the stunt team.”

However, this wasn’t an easy task for Cera as he was recovering from COVID-19, and preparing for the fight scenes took a physical toll on him.

Directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie, ‘Barbie’ not only became the highest-grossing film of 2023 but also sparked conversations due to its absence in the Best Actress and Best Director categories at the Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, Stallone is set to appear in various projects, such as ‘Armored,’ ‘Tulsa King,’ ‘Cliffhanger 2,’ and many others.



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