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‘Taken’ Actor Liam Neeson Sides With Kevin Spacey Despite Sexual Assault Accusations

Neeson is not the only actor defending Spacey.

Liam Neeson voiced his support for Kevin Spacey in the middle of sexual assault allegations. Neeson’s statement to The Telegraph came after a new Channel 4 documentary covering the cases against the ‘Se7en’ actor in the UK:

“I was deeply saddened to learn of these accusations against him. Kevin is a good man and a man of character. He’s sensitive, articulate and non-judgmental, with a terrific sense of humor. He is also one of our finest artists in the theater and on camera. Personally speaking, our industry needs him and misses him greatly.”

Spacey’s career took a downturn when Netflix removed him from Ridley Scott’s ‘All the Money in the World’ after the claims went public in 2017.

Stephen Fry Thinks The Backlash Is Unfair

Several people accused the actor of similar charges after Anthony Rapp came forward and claimed that the actor made sexual advances toward him when he was 14. The recent documentary, ‘Spacey Unmasked,’ focused on these cases, and Stephen Fry talked about it by saying:

“[It’s unfair] to continue to harass and hound him, to devote a whole documentary to accusations that simply do not add up to crimes. How can that be considered proportionate and justified?”

He added:

“Surely it is wrong to continue to batter a reputation on the strength of assertion and rhetoric rather than evidence and proof? Unless I’m missing something, I think he has paid the price.”

Sharon Stone Supports Spacey During The Controversy

Kevin Spacey denied all accusations against him. Meanwhile, a 2022 New York lawsuit found him non-liable, and a separate 2023 case in London cleared him of sexual assault charges.

The actor started to make his way back into acting after the court and did voiceover for 2023’s ‘Control.’ So, Sharon Stone commented on the ongoing controversy as follows:

“I can’t wait to see Kevin back at work. He is a genius. He is so elegant and fun, generous to a fault and knows more about our craft than most of us ever will.”

Her words went on:

“It’s terrible that they are blaming him for not being able to come to terms with themselves for using him and negotiating with themselves because they didn’t get their secret agendas.”

The Legal Action Against The Actor Continues

Spacey is set to face another court trial in 2025 for a civil case related to a previous sexual assault claim. The actor spoke of the new case with Deadline earlier this month:

“This is not a new lawsuit. As has been widely reported, it’s the same lawsuit brought in 2022 by a complainant that was not believed by a jury of my peers in the 2023 UK criminal trial, in which I was acquitted.”

The 64-year-old will later reportedly be back on screen as The Devil in the Italian thriller ‘The Contract.’



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