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The Acolyte To Debut Exciting New Lightsaber Design

The show is introducing two new weapons to the Star Wars universe.

‘The Acolyte’ is set to introduce some exciting new weapons when it premieres on Disney+ tomorrow.

According to creator Leslye Headland, ‘The Acolyte’ will feature another new lightsaber. She recently told Rotten Tomatoes that the prop department told her it wouldn’t work when she first introduced the idea:

“There was a lightsaber that I wanted to have work in a particular way. It’s not the lightwhip. It’s a different lightsaber and when I brought it to the prop department who have been making lightsabers for the sequels and for ‘Solo’ and the other television shows, they told me ‘You can’t do that, that’s not something that will work.’ And I said, ‘Please if you guys can just indulge me it’s not something I’m ready to give up,’ and these incredible craftsmen were able to make my dream come true for me.”

You can watch the interview below.

There’s A Second New Weapon As Well

This other weapon in ‘The Acolyte’ is called the lightwhip. It was first seen in the Star Wars (1977) #95 comic book back in 1985. Rebecca Henderson’s Vernestra Rwoh will use the lightwhip. It has a special way of transformation, and Henderson explained that her character can do this using the Force:

“You do have to twist the hilt to turn it into the light whip, basically. At this point, I believe she can do that with the force. She no longer has to do it with her hands. And then you just have to be really careful because that thing flies around. It could take your head off.”

‘The Acolyte’ will be available on Disney+ starting tomorrow.

You can watch the latest teaser for the show below.



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