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The Bird Box Fallout: Why A Sequel May Not Work

Can a sequel rise above the ashes of its predecessor’s mixed reception? The ‘Bird Box’ fallout raises important questions about the challenges that lie ahead for its sequel, as it attempts to adapt the second book, ‘Malorie,’ and mend the narrative inconsistencies introduced in the first film.

When ‘Bird Box‘ premiered on Netflix in 2018, it took the streaming world by storm. The film, starring Sandra Bullock, was based on the 2014 novel by Josh Malerman and quickly broke a Netflix record with more than 45 million accounts watching in its first week. Fast forward a few years, and it seems a sequel is in the works, based on Malerman’s follow-up novel, ‘Malorie.’ But can lightning strike twice, or will the sequel fall short of expectations?

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why a ‘Bird Box’ sequel may not work. We’ll discuss the negative reception of the first film, its adaptation failures, and the challenges filmmakers may face in bringing ‘Malorie‘ to the screen. Join us as we explore what the future might hold for this anticipated sequel.

Bird Box’s Mixed Legacy

‘Bird Box’ follows the story of Malorie, a woman trying to protect herself and her children from mysterious creatures that drive people to suicide when they are seen. The film adaptation made several changes to the story, including a more hopeful ending, which left some fans of the book disappointed. It’s believed that the creatures in ‘Bird Box’ were inspired by Lovecraftian entities — supernatural horrors that evoke fear and madness.

As mentioned earlier, the sequel is reportedly set to adapt Malerman’s second book, ‘Malorie,’ which continues the story of the eponymous protagonist. Given the changes made in the first film, the question arises: Can a sequel work, especially when considering the negative feedback surrounding the first movie?

A Storm of Criticism

Despite its record-breaking viewership, ‘Bird Box’ was not universally praised. Critics and audiences alike took issue with the film’s adaptation of the book, citing the altered ending as a major point of contention. The movie’s conclusion left viewers with a sense of hope and resolution, while the book’s ending was more ambiguous and darker in tone. This departure from the source material left fans feeling unsatisfied.

Moreover, the film was criticized for weak character development and inconsistencies with the book. Many viewers felt that the movie failed to capture the essence of the characters and the overall atmosphere of the story. This negative reception could impact the potential success of a sequel, as audiences may be wary of investing their time and emotions in a follow-up film that could suffer from similar issues.

Massive Views, Mixed Reviews

The astonishing viewership numbers for ‘Bird Box’ undoubtedly contributed to the decision to create a sequel. However, these impressive figures do not guarantee that a sequel will be successful. It’s important to consider the role of curiosity and hype in the first film’s viewership. The buzz around ‘Bird Box’ and its intriguing premise drove many to watch, but not all were satisfied with the end result.

For a sequel to succeed, it must overcome the disappointment experienced by viewers who did not enjoy the first film. This is no easy feat, as the initial hype and curiosity that contributed to the original movie’s viewership will likely be absent for the sequel. Instead, the follow-up film will need to rely on the strength of its storytelling and adaptation to win over audiences.

A Daunting Task: Bringing Malorie To The Screen

‘Malorie’ picks up where ‘Bird Box’ left off, exploring the continued challenges faced by the protagonist in this dystopian world. The sequel will need to address the changes made in the first film, which could prove to be a difficult task. Ensuring a faithful adaptation that satisfies fans of the book will be essential, but it remains to be seen if the filmmakers can achieve this while also catering to the audience that enjoyed the more hopeful conclusion of the first movie.

In addition to adaptation challenges, the sequel must also contend with the Lovecraftian influence on the creatures. The first film shied away from showing the monsters in their entirety, which led to some dissatisfaction among fans. To make the sequel more engaging and satisfying, the filmmakers will need to strike the right balance between maintaining the mystery of these Lovecraftian horrors and providing a more comprehensive depiction of the creatures that terrorize Malorie’s world.

Will Bird Box 2 Succeed?

In conclusion, while a ‘Bird Box’ sequel based on ‘Malorie’ is probably in the works, its success is far from guaranteed. The first film’s negative reception and adaptation failures pose significant challenges for a follow-up. To overcome these obstacles, the sequel will need to offer a more faithful adaptation of Malerman’s second book, successfully address the changes made in the first film, and strike the right balance in depicting the creatures.

Whether or not the sequel can achieve these goals remains to be seen. For now, fans of the books and the first film can only wait with bated breath to see if the ‘Bird Box’ sequel will soar to new heights or crash and burn in the wake of its predecessor’s mixed reception.



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