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The Intouchables: 6 Significant Life Lessons From Philippe And Driss

Through the experiences of Philippe and Driss, ‘The Intouchables’ reminds us of the fundamental truths about humanity, relationships, and the essence of life.

2011’s ‘The Intouchables‘ is a French cinematic piece rooted in a true story. The film explores the dynamics between Philippe, a wealthy man living with quadriplegia, and Driss, his caregiver from a modest background. Here are six profound life lessons the film imparts.

6. Genuine Relationships Are Far Better Than Fake Ones

Philippe, portrayed by François Cluzet, is a businessman who becomes quadriplegic and later meets Driss, played by Omar Sy. Their relationship begins under unconventional circumstances, with Driss showing a refreshing lack of pity for Philippe’s condition.

This realness in their relationship forms an authentic bond between the two, which isn’t often found in relationships formed out of obligation or pity.

5. True Happiness Lies In Simple Things

Throughout the story, Philippe is on a journey of exploration to find joy beyond material possessions and status. The film shows us that happiness can often be discovered in the simplicity of life and the basic joys it offers. It’s about cherishing the everyday moments and the people we share them with.

4. Take Risks To Achieve Your Goals And Find Happiness In Life

Driss’s story is an example of how taking risks can lead to great changes. Coming from a challenging background, he accepts to be Philippe’s caregiver, and this decision alters both their lives positively. This emphasizes the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones to pursue what brings us happiness and fulfillment.

3. Two People From Different Classes Can Actually Be Friends

One of the film’s core themes is the bridging of class differences through friendship. Philippe and Driss form a deep and unlikely bond, which goes beyond their different socio-economic backgrounds. Their friendship proves us how empathy and understanding can lead to meaningful and lasting relationships.

2. Disability Isn’t Supposed To Limit Your Participation In Life

Philippe’s character portrays living a full and active life despite physical limitations. This aspect of the film encourages us to look beyond our constraints and embrace life’s possibilities. It’s also a reminder that physical or circumstantial challenges should not define one’s ability to experience life’s richness.

1. Friendship And Love Are More Important Than You Think

At its heart, ‘The Intouchables’ is a story about the power of friendship and love. The bond between Philippe and Driss shows that genuine friendship transcends societal boundaries and physical conditions. The film also emphasizes the value of mutual support, acceptance, and the growth that comes from such relationships.



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