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The Last Man On Earth Season 5: The Possible Release Date And Cast Info Of Will Forte’s Show

‘The Last Man On Earth’ stands as Will Forte’s comedic take on solitude and survival, ending on an unresolved storyline. As the silence since the fourth season’s finale lingers, the rumors among fans grow: Could there be a revival for the show’s fifth season on the horizon?

‘The Last Man On Earth,’ after its initial success, witnessed a decline in viewership from an average of six million to under three million by its fourth season, causing Fox to cancel it, among many others, in 2018. The show, struggling to expand beyond its core audience, ended at a climactic point, with fans wanting a resolution.

The Ending

After seasons of the main characters living in a small community with the last survivors, the last scenes of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ presented them surrounded by a group of new survivors who remained unexposed to the virus. This finale originally set the stage for what would have been a fifth season, showing their exposure to the virus by Phil Miller and the others, but those episodes never came.

Demands For Its Revival

Following the show’s cancellation, fans started a petition to bring the show back for a new season to see what would happen next in the latest storyline. Through the years, the discussions about a possible return lingered among the audience while some cast members expressed doubt about the chances.

Erica’s actress Cleopatra Coleman once told Collider that the cast members remained in touch with each other and talked about reviving the show in unofficial settings. But she also explained that ‘The Last Man On Earth’ ‘ended on a good note,’ hinting at no official plans to come back.

Will Forte’s Thoughts

On the other hand, the show’s writer and leading actor, Will Forte, shared his willingness to bring the show back for a fifth season with in 2021. The actor confirmed still being in touch with the other cast members and asked the audience to ‘Never, ever say never, ever,’ as he was willing to revive the series despite thinking they wouldn’t get the chance to do it.

The Possibility Of The Show’s Comeback

To date, there are no official statements about a new season for ‘The Last Man On Earth.’ Despite this, online campaigns started by fans on various sites, including Reddit, suggest that interest in the series’ return continues, keeping the possibility of a fifth season alive.



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