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‘The Simpsons Movie 2’ Needs A Billion Hours To Make, Showrunner Admits

Matt Selman explains that creating a new movie would be like making 30 episodes.

Showrunner Matt Selman says making a new ‘The Simpsons Movie’ would need a lot of time and a really good idea.

‘The Simpsons’ fans have been asking for a sequel to ‘The Simpsons Movie’ since it came out in 2007. Matt Selman, the show’s co-showrunner, recently told Cartoon Base what it would take to make this happen. He explained that making a movie is much harder than making TV episodes, and they would need a ‘billion hours’ to make it great:

“Movies are not just the same amount of work as just three episodes. They are about the same amount of work as 30 episodes…But a new ‘Simpsons’ movie would be amazing. We just need the right idea and a billion hours to make it great.”

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First Movie Took A Long Time To Produce

This was because the team had to work on it while also making the TV show. With the way people watch movies changing since 2007, there are even more issues to consider. Selman thinks that making a movie that keeps the audience entertained is much more stressful than making a TV show that people might watch while also looking at their phones:

“The stresses of writing and animating a film that would cause a movie audience to have a hilarious and moving experience that is not boring or confusing are much much higher than a TV show you watch at home while also looking at Instagram.”

‘The Simpsons’ is finishing up its 35th season, and it has already been renewed for a 36th season. This new season will air through 2025. If you want to watch ‘The Simpsons Movie’ or catch up on the first 34 seasons of the show, they are available on Disney+. The 35th season is also streaming on Hulu.



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