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Tom Holland Shares His ‘Spider Man’ Joke That ‘No One Ever Laughs’

He also shared he loves action movies and often chooses them for movie nights.

Tom Holland recently shared a light-hearted anecdote about his recurring ‘Spider-Man’ joke that never seems to amuse his friends. Speaking at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, Holland revealed this tidbit alongside insights into his career and future projects.

The 27-year-old actor first mentioned his fondness for action movies and a penchant for humor:

“I love action movies — it’s where my heart is. Any night of the week, if I sit down to watch a movie with my mates, I’m always the one that’s like, ‘Let’s put the Bond franchise on,’ or ‘Let’s put Indiana Jones on,’ or anything like that.”

Then, he joked about suggesting his own movies, especially ‘Spider-Man,’ when browsing through Netflix with friends. As it seems, his go-to jest was:

“I’ve heard this movie is great. Apparently, the lead actor is unreal!”

Still, Holland noted that this joke consistently falls flat with his audience.

Check out the interview below.

Holland’s Upcoming Projects

Holland also discussed his recent work and upcoming endeavors. After his role in the Apple TV+ miniseries ‘The Crowded Room,’ the actor revealed that he is currently considering a variety of options for his next role. However, according to his IMDb profile, he’ll appear in an untitled Fred Astaire biopic and an upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

Holland previously said his role in ‘The Crowded Room’ was emotionally challenging. This even led him to decide to take a year off for recovery.



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