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Venom’s Tom Hardy Claims His Tattoos Don’t Belong To Him, Reveals The Real Owner

Hardy shows off his tattoos for his roles in several projects, including ‘The Bikeriders.’

Fans are copying Tom Hardy’s real-life tattoos as tribute/reference to his role as Johnny in ‘The Bikeriders’ these days. But the actor doesn’t think his character’s perspective changes the meaning behind his ink work. He recently told ComicBook:

“I don’t even think about it. But the thing is that that tattoo now belongs to that character. That’s when it becomes tricky.”

His words went on:

“So, I think Eddie Brock [from ‘Venom’] owns this one … and then Tommy Conlon in ‘Warrior’ owns more. Johnny [from ‘The Bikeriders’] owns that one. I loan them out to these characters, but then I have to cover them up in other things. It’s really trying to not spend so much time in the makeup chair.”

Hardy’s New Appearance On Screen

Tom Hardy will return to the big screen in ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ on October 25. The film’s new trailer is out, but some fans have an issue with a detail in it.

A scene shows a young boy and two women in distress. Rumor says that the child is 10-year-old Peter Parker whom Venom tries to kill.

Official plot details remain unknown, but if true, the rumored storyline suggests a break of the tie between Venom and the MCU by creating a new universe for Spider-Man.



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