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‘White Collar’ Will Be Back With Reboot Series, Special Tribute To Late Willie Garson Is Confirmed

‘White Collar’ reboot is officially announced by the series creator Jeff Eastin.

‘White Collar’ is coming back with a reboot series, and there’ll be a special tribute to the late Willie Garson.

So, new episodes are on the way. Series creator Jeff Eastin announced during Variety’s TV Fest that a new version of the show is in development:

“We’re gonna reboot. I’m writing the script. It’s a fantastic script and it answers all the questions that one would have if you watch the show, and it would introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it as well. Both edges of the sword are honed. It honors Willie, too, in a profound way.”

Garson was known for his role as Mozzie in ‘White Collar.’ He passed away in 2021 and will be honored in the reboot. The reboot will probably be on Hulu, although it’s not confirmed yet.

‘White Collar’ originally aired on USA Network, but Disney now owns the rights because Fox Television Studios produced it. Eastin didn’t reveal any story details but mentioned that he kept the ending open in 2014.

Previous Statements On The Show’s Comeback

Matt Bomer and Eastin started discussing a ‘White Collar’ revival in 2020 during a charity reunion on the Stars In the House YouTube channel. Bomer said:

“There is nothing I would want than to be on a set with this group of people again. There are real conversations happening. There seems to be a lot of excitement about it.”

In a 2023 interview, Bomer talked about the difficulties of continuing without Garson:

“Obviously, that’s the first thing that came to my mind, but I felt that what Jeff Eastin presented to Tim and I honors what he contributed to the show and honors him as a person. There’s no way I would ever be involved with it again if it didn’t do so. So I think it’s a way for him to, in some ways, still be a part of the show.”

‘White Collar’ starred Bomer as con artist Neal Caffrey, who reluctantly helps FBI Agent Peter Burke [Tim DeKay] catch other white-collar criminals. The show had 81 episodes over six seasons from 2009 to 2014 in the USA.



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