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Who Inherited Glee’s Naya Rivera And Cory Monteith’s Money? See Their Net Worth At The Time Of Their Death

Though both Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith are no longer with us, their impacts in the world of entertainment are still felt. Delving into their financial situations at the time of their passing, we uncover who stands to inherit their wealth.

Years after the deaths of ‘Glee’ stars Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith, questions still arise about their net worth at the time of their death and who inherited their fortunes. Here’s a look into the financial legacies left by these actors.

Naya Rivera’s Net Worth And Beneficiaries

Naya achieved fame due to her role as Santana Lopez in ‘Glee.’ She played a recurring role in Glee seasons 1 and 6 and was a main cast member in seasons 2-5. She appeared in 99 of ‘Glee’s 121 total episodes.

The actress had a brief relationship and then rekindled with actor Ryan Dorsey. The couple had a son named Josey. In July 2020, Naya sadly passed away due to accidental drowning at Lake Piru. Her son, Josey, was with her when the incident happened.

At the time of her passing, Naya had a net worth estimated to be around $5 million. This fortune was accumulated not just from her role as Santana Lopez on ‘Glee’ but also from her other ventures in the entertainment industry.

Rivera had appeared in numerous television shows and movies, released music, and even penned a memoir titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ She signed a deal with Columbia Records for a solo album, collaborated with the musical duo 2Cellos, and released the single ‘Sorry’ in 2013 featuring rapper Big Sean. Besides, she also appeared in films like ‘At the Devil’s Door’ and ‘Mad Families’ and TV series like ‘Devious Maids’ and ‘Step Up: High Water.’

Her primary beneficiary was her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey. Following her passing, Josey became the primary heir to her estate. It’s likely the guardianship was given to Ryan Dorsey, and provisions were set up to ensure Josey’s financial security.  Moreover, Ryan Murphy, along with Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, committed to creating a college fund for Josey.

Cory Monteith’s Net Worth And Beneficiaries

Cory is best known for his role as Finn Hudson in ‘Glee.’ Apart from ‘Glee,’ Monteith appeared in movies and other television roles that contributed to this wealth, such as ‘Monte Carlo,’ ‘Sisters & Brothers,’ and ‘All the Wrong Reasons,’ and voiced characters in ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Cleveland Show.’

The actor struggled with substance abuse and underwent rehab in early 2013. On July 13, 2013, he passed away due to a combination of heroin and alcohol. Monteith had a net worth estimated at $2 million when he died in 2013.

After Monteith’s death, his estate was managed by his mother, Ann McGregor. Controversies arose between his divorced parents over his fortune, with his father, Joe Monteith, attempting to claim a portion but was revealed to have been largely absent from Cory’s life.



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