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‘X-Men ’97 Has Sex Scenes To Honor The Source Material,’ Producer Claims

The sex scenes are tribute to the original comics, he says.

‘X-Men ‘97’ finale reached the highest viewership since ‘What If…?’ with its Season 1. The new animated series took a new step in Marvel by including several nods at sex scenes.

Producer Brad Winderbaum defended these references in a recent chat with Variety. He explained:

“Part of the ethos of the show is to emulate our memory of the original cartoon, and honor the source material. In every page of ‘X-Men’ is human desire, and how it leads to romance, to complications, to people’s awakenings in various ways over the years, and how it leads to conflict and tragedy and how friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Part of that is about human desire and passion. Even though a lot of it is implied, you’re right to say it’s very present in ‘X-Men.’”

Mentions Of Sex In Season 1

The first hint at sex came in Episode 3. Morph, Gambit, and Wolverine noticed that Rogue and Magneto were in the Danger Room for a long session stretching to the next day. Morph joked:

“Rogue is really training her stamina with the new boss.”

Gambit saw Rogue and Magneto with their skin mingled later in the episode under Mr. Sinister’s influence. The story also teased Morph joining Wolverine naked in the shower.

More Action To Come In Future Episodes

‘X-Men ‘97’ Season 1 also set the ground for more focus on action than romance in the future.

The mutant team found themselves scattered across various time periods following Asteroid M’s destruction in the finale. Magneto, Rogue, and Professor X appeared in ancient Egypt and came across a young En Sabah Nur, aka Apocalypse.

A post credits scene hinted at Apocalypse’s intention to resurrect Gambit as his Horseman of Death. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey went 2000 years into the future and met Clan Askani and young Nathan Summers.



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