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‘Young Sheldon’ Finale Actually Has Two Deleted Scenes, EP Reveals

‘Young Sheldon’ ended with an emotional funeral for George Cooper, but not all scenes made it to the final episode.

‘Young Sheldon’ finale wrapped up with a touching funeral scene for George Cooper. However, not everything filmed for this moment made it into the final episode.

Co-showrunner Steve Holland recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that two scenes were cut from the episode.

One of the cut scenes included Georgie (Montana Jordan) and Mandy (Emily Osment). Their baby was originally heard crying throughout the funeral. Another deleted scene involved Sheldon’s professors trying to cheer him up by talking about science. Holland explained the reason behind these cuts, saying:

“That was a hard cut, but it also felt better to keep Sheldon just sort of in his own head. All the cuts made it a stronger episode. There were more attempts at humor and more jokes in the script that we actually shot that we ended up pulling out as we got into editing because it just felt a little tone-deaf. When we were watching it back, we realized we had earned the right for this family to have their moment of grief, and that was actually honoring George Sr. and honoring the real emotions of this family.”

Holland Gave Details About The Sequel

Holland also talked about ‘Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage’ interview. It seems the ‘Young Sheldon’ team knew about the spinoff, but they didn’t want the finale to be a setup for it. Instead, they focused on ending ‘Young Sheldon’ in a way that felt right for the show.

Holland explained that Georgie and Mandy’s marriage and their baby were already part of the story, but the finale was meant to wrap up ‘Young Sheldon’ on its own:

“It was important for us to end this show on its own terms. I mean, there was already things in place: Georgie and Mandy had gotten married, that was always a part of this season, and had the baby and moved in with her parents. But we didn’t feel the need to make this finale about the new show. We wanted this finale to be about this show and family, and just honor that and not try to make it a backdoor pilot for a thing that was coming.”

‘Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage’ will continue the story, and it will arrive on CBS in the fall.



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