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Chandie Yawn-Nelson: What We Know About Joey Lawrence’s Ex-Wife And Their Divorce

After many years together, Joey Lawrence and his wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson decided to divorce. The couple, who have two children, finalized their split in early 2022.

Joey Lawrence and Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s divorce was finalized on February 18, 2022, marking the end of their 15-year marriage. Here is a detailed look at their relationship, the following events, and everything we know about Lawrence’s ex-wife, Yawn-Nelson.

Who is Chandie Yawn-Nelson?

Before her marriage to Joey Lawrence, Chandie Yawn-Nelson was an Auburn University graduate who began a career at InterCall, a web conferencing service provider. Known for her professional focus, Yawn-Nelson later paused her career to concentrate on raising their two daughters, Charleston and Liberty. In 2019, she started working again, joining ADP. Her estimated net worth during her tenure at InterCall was around $400,000.

Their Marriage and Divorce

Yawn-Nelson and Lawrence’s relationship traces back to a nostalgic start – their first date was at Disneyland during their teenage years. The couple tied the knot in 2005, following Lawrence’s divorce from Michelle Vella. They then welcomed two daughters, Charleston, now 15, and Liberty Grace, now 11. However, after over a decade together, the couple decided to part ways.

Post-divorce, Lawrence spoke about the importance of co-parenting with US Weekly:

“At the end of the day, you always take the high road. There’s no excuse for being anything but kind. Our relationship didn’t work out on a personal level, but we still share two amazing people. You’ve got to put them first and set an example.”

The focus, as he stated, is on their daughters and setting a positive example.

Their marriage was not without its challenges, especially financial. In 2017, Lawrence and Yawn-Nelson faced severe financial difficulties, leading to a bankruptcy filing with liabilities approximating $356,000. Records indicated that Lawrence’s monthly income was $7,000, overshadowed by expenses of $25,000. This economic struggle led to the sale of personal belongings and an eventual clearing of their mortgage by the court in 2018.

Lawrence and Yawn-Nelson’s divorce, initiated by Lawrence citing ‘irreconcilable differences,’ was formalized over a year after their separation. The couple reached a private settlement concerning spousal support, child support, and division of assets and agreed to share joint legal custody of their daughters.

New Beginnings for Joey Lawrence

After his divorce from Yawn-Nelson, Lawrence found love again and is now engaged to Samantha Cope. Here is what he said about his relationship with Cope:

“When you least expect it, obviously, is, like, when it usually works, right in between all the plans that we make. And I just met the most amazing person ever. Like, your best friend and that person you really do share pretty much everything in common with.”

Having met on the set of ‘A Deadly Deed,’ the couple also collaborated on a romantic comedy for Tubi. This year, in January, they also welcomed a daughter, Dylan Rose Lawrence.



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