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From Resident Evil To Doom: Ranking 5 Horror Movies Inspired By Video Games

Horror video games are considered to have great potential for film adaptations, but there haven’t been many horror movies based on games. Here are five examples that represent the crossovers between gaming and filmmaking.

Horror video games and films prey on our deepest fears, creating experiences that linger in our psyche long after the screen goes dark. As we explore where terror meets cinematic scares, we rank the top five horror movies that were inspired by video games.

5. Doom

In fifth place is the ‘Doom‘ franchise, with its 2005 adaptation not quite capturing the spirit of its video game predecessor. Despite a memorable first-person shooter sequence that gained fans’ favor, the film fell short at the box office and was met with critical disapproval. The franchise saw a revival with the 2019 direct-to-video ‘Doom: Annihilation,‘ which, while closer to the game’s narrative, struggled with a modest budget and replicated some of its predecessor’s errors.

4. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within‘ takes the fourth spot, adapted from a lesser-known Ubisoft VR game. Moving beyond the game’s premise, the film offers a narrative that reimagines the mystery-solving genre for a contemporary audience. While it may not satisfy those in search of traditional horror, the movie presents a new take on the whodunnit format, enriched by a dynamic cast.

3. Silent Hill

At number three, the ‘Silent Hill‘ film series stands out for its atmospheric adaptation of the eponymous game series. The original movie diverged from its source material, creating its own narrative while still incorporating the game’s iconic elements, like the Pyramid Head and the Nurses. The sequel, ‘Silent Hill: Revelation,‘ continued the story with mixed success and a smaller budget, yet it introduced original elements such as the Mannequin Monster.

2. Resident Evil

The second rank goes to the ‘Resident Evil‘ franchise. With a journey beginning in a secret research facility, the film introduces the character Alice as an original character delivering intense action-horror sequences. Director Paul W.S. Anderson was at the helm for most of the six-movie series, with varying degrees of faithfulness to the games.

1. Detention

Topping our list is ‘Detention,‘ a movie that effectively captures the essence of Asian horror. Based on the historical backdrop of Taiwan’s White Terror period, the film stands out for its acting, haunting settings, and themes. It has been highly praised for translating the experience of the video game into a cinematic work.



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